5th Division

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5th Division Parking Ticket 2148 taken by Elisabet Andersson


The 5th Division is a militaristic organization that was formed after a civil war tore the old army apart. Since then, they have been in conflict with the remnants of the army as well as other renegade groups that have been terrorizing the wasteland. In the more recent years, the 5th Division has been able to gain the upper hand in the area now known as the protectorate of the 5th Division.

Banner of the 5th Division in Stråssa (2148). Photo by Mathias Abrahamsson

However, there are bigger enemies than renegades and traitors. It is the stigma of the mutation that will lead to the ruin of mankind in the long run, as well as the idea of the red factions hailing from the eastern side of the continent.

The 5th Division is divided into several specialized companies, platoons and departments in order to maintain its status. This enables the Division to assemble powerful troops to protect the citizens of the protectorate and support the civil administration

But they have not only settled in their own territories. Constantly, small groups and patrols roam the wild wasteland to face the dangers of mankind and to explore and fight the many unexplainable events of the world as it is now.


LARP group from Germany with roughly 60 active members.

5th Division Group picture.jpeg