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ARS&e Mechanics
The Coffin Motif is Incidental
Business Business Business!
Motto There's no business like ARS&e business!
Business Problem solvers for hire
Ethics Mercenary to a fault

ARS&e Mechanics (Arcam Robotics, Security and Electronics) is a business organisation interested in doing business. What kind of business? The kind that generates kaps for the Boss, Tony. They can usually be found in their offices at the top of the Sinterplant.

“In need of cybernetics, mechanics or explosives? All three? If you are in any kind of trouble, ARS&e is there for you. Tell your troubles and we name the price. We do not judge, nor decide what’s best for you - unless you pay us to. Let's make your wellbeing and security our business! Why not start now, before it’s too late?”

ARS&e in its might (2146). Photo by Sarah Burchill

ARS&e Mercenaries: "“Real” finnish soldiers? Clones from the North? Who and what were they, and what happened to them? Only one thing was sure, they were really efficient in the midst of battle (2146). Photo by Sarah Burchill

ARS&e in its might (2146). Photo by Sarah Burchill

ARS&e was a multinational cybernetic oriented group present in Stråssa during 2143-2146. They were very well connected and influenced a lot of the events in Outpost Valkyria. Even though ARS&e is not likely to return as a group, still robots, cyborgs and mutants alike remember ARS&e, and values the triangle insignia as a label of good quality of cybernetic enhancements, products, services or shenanigans.

The group was divided under two different branches, to make it even more confusing. Those were ARS&e Mechanics, who operated in building and repairing robots, gynoids and cyborgs, and in the glorious field of hacking. ARS&e Mercenaries were a group of guns for hire. They consisted of a group of lost Finnish clone soldiers and one ARS&e manufactured robot, Butbot®. In the field of battle, those finnish soldiers wore blue crosses.

According to rumours, the Finns of ARS&e mercenaries claimed that the veterans of Karjala, the soldiers of Svarta Svärden, are not one of “the Finnic tribes”.

Chief Source of Income

Mercenary work, cybernetics, robotics, tech-work. "If it has circuit-ree, you should come to ARS&e!"

Guidelines of the Company

Characters in ARS&e belong to different sub-groups. In the actual ARS&e the company, there is a board, la famiglia, products of ARS&e, persons owned by ARS&e and personnel with signed contracts.

Other associates are subcontractors, mercenaries and co-operative organizations. Subcontractors and mercenaries belong to ARS&e Mercenaries as their own group. Each character there, have their own individual tie to the company of ARS&e, which is referred to as ARS&e Mechanics.

Examples of co-operative organisations

Brotherhood of Steel, Water Federation, Maskinhundarna and single members of these groups.

Additionally, there is a separate group of customers, such as Bunny's Workshop, Captain Leo, Folkfronten, Pappas Pistoler, Klustret and the Dukhi.

History of the Company

ARS&e Mechanics is a business organisation interested in doing business. What kind of business? The kind that generates kaps for the Boss, Tony. They can usually be found in their offices at the top of the Sinterplant.

Tony Maroni founded the business 16 years ago together with F3RG13 (both hold an equal share of 50%), and although his schemes don't always work out as intended, he has managed to keep it going. The group travels around looking for people with problems, and offers to solve those for money. They specialize in cyborg- and technology-related problems.

Malak Shaloon joined the duo of Tony and F3RG31 soon after the company was founded. Rumour has it that Malak has a contract from Tony, but no one has ever seen one, or had an answer from Malak about it.

Decisions and guidelines concerning the company are the job of CEO Tony Maroni. He is in charge of maintaining and developing the company to make a profit in the way he sees best. He enjoys F3RG13's trust in this, since the unit does not have a free will of its own.

The first so called employees are under the ownership of the company and they work to pay their debt to ARS&e. Such indentured workers include Redneck, Wotznyck and Bullet. They have separate, individual contracts for this. One of them, Redneck, had an android unit known as Selah, but she's been newly calibrated and has her own contract for ARS&e now.

Products of ARS&e are originally built, unique ARS&e-produced units designed by Tony Maroni. He owns all the rights to the units and their blueprints and codes. These include Cookie® and Butbot®.

CEO Maroni has hired a staff, who work for the company according to their respective contracts, which underlines the terms of their position. Inside ARS&e the tasks and responsibilities are organised through a Capo-system invented by Maroni himself. Each Capo is in charge of their own fields of specialities and they answer to the CEO Maroni and his second in command, currently his son Antonio.

Location of the ARS&e Office in Outpost Valkyria

The office of ARS&e was located on the 6th floor of the Sinterplant in Stråssa. Between 2145 and 2146, the original office was burnt down. In 2146, ARS&e’s office was located on the same floor, but in a different area of the sixth floor.

Office Gallery

The state of ARS&e's office before the fire of 2145/46:

ARS&e video advertisment. By Malak Shaloon

Group Members

Signore Tony Maroni: Gentleman and Capitalist (2143). Photo by BCDavis Photography
All maintenance is last minute maintenance (2143). Photo by BCDavis Photography

Tony Maroni

"Cara mia, itsa all about da caps. Cosi tutti voi stronzi, getta to work. No work, no bonus!"

Founder of the group, once and future boss. Claims to be "Italian" though no one has ever really bothered to check what that means or if it's true. Tony deals in making deals. Making kaps is close to his capitalist heart. He specializes in business and programming. Not long ago he was targeted for assassination by the clandestine group known as Catching Sun. Needless to say, the attempt failed.

F3RG13 2.0 aka "Fergie"

"Status report: Fuel level significantly decreased, you may find this unit from nearest bar in fifteen minutes."

Moody and observing gynoid from the past. The fewer parts she has, the crankier she gets. She may appear to be very human or very, let's say, metallic, depending on her current fuel levels. Mimics and learns her surroundings as she goes. May or may not have seen a flesh-related upgrade recently. Frankly we are scared to ask.



Independent AI unit who takes care of ARS&e's paperwork. Cookies code is a design of Tony’s and seem to be growing all the time. Cookie's specialities are locks, hacking and cracking as she is a master of coding and decoding.


"I've seen the glorious past and frankly, honey, the people were just the same."

Service unit from history, looks (and feels) mostly human. Selah's experience of the pre-war world has taken her far. She has very polished social manners when it comes to humans or robots.


“Ugh, guys, guess what I found out? If I inject gasoline into my bloodstream, I’ll pass out for a while!”
”Death from above!!!!!” Shotgun blasts

Depressed wannabe drunk with a shotgun. Redneck's reckless behaviour has made him what he is, a hooligan. Yet he is a hand to be counted upon when shit hits the fan.

Malak Shaloon

"You tinfoilheads. You gonna need me when you break down."

Talented, somewhat famous mechanic. Something needs fixing, this is your gal. Sharp tongue and twisted humour act as her weapons. Originally from Vault Outokumpu. Author of the maverick Book of Knowledge.

Victor Pascal

"Bon.. Mais.. N'obliez pas; tojours être cool, eh?"

Frenchie/Le Janiteur/Städarn. Ex-hitman/welder from down south (Former France and North Africa) who has spent 10 years in Kiruna. A hired bodyguard of Tony's in the group, who takes his job very seriously.


"Sure thing... but thats gonna cost you extra, you know?"

Zone-tripper hangaround. No talk is needed when Jaeger gets to work. His silent but efficient work methods are not the usual ARS&e signature, but there’s no need to say that he thinks he knows what he’s doing.


"A man who finds pleasure in the result of cutting is the most hateful, crawling creature there is. A man who finds pleasure in the act of cutting is an artisan."

Sword fighting android from Asia with sophisticated sense of ethics and manners. One of the latest fastenings to the team.


"It is so nice to have a free will. Like to kill, which is fun!"

Mechanic unit used to fix machines, explosives and vehicles at war.


"I got a shot for everyone; either nanites or lead."

Leif Eirikur Jökullsson, Biomechanical interface specialist and wetworker. Agnostic Philosopher.

Sadie "Irwin" Maroni

"Paperwork. PAPERWORK! ❤"

Fierce, fearless, enthusiastic, feels strongly about stamps and might end up killing herself by an embarrassing accident. And that's why she is often called "Irwin".

Antonio Maroni "Junior"


Son of Tony Maroni and second in command in the glorious CEO business of ARS&e.

After ARS&e

Even after ARS&e was gone, some traces of it were still around in outpost Valkyria. One was the quest Hunt for the Red book, when the Book of Knowledge was rumored to be present in the area. It was a red-covered book that contained chunks of lore, written by ARS&e’s mechanic Malak Shaloon. The book was originally a journal kept by The Brotherhood of Steel’s Medic Dr Link, but it was handed over to Malak, because she was “the most mean creature that you can find in Outpost Valkyria.”

Activity report on "ARS&e"

NOVA surveillance report 415-020

2143 - Like many others, technologically oriented company ARS&e arrives to the new outpost, attracted because of the activity. They quickly form cooperative bond with Water Federation.

What is their part in the events regarding St. Petersburg?

2144 - ARS&e does not hide its own problems very well, their own CEO Tony Maroni is missing. Rising sun organisation is after them, sending ninja-troops. Also members of ARS&e have managed to misplace valuable chip. Somehow all the musicians are hunted in the name of ARS&e. ARS&e allies with Brotherhood of Steel.

According to the sources, Water Federation assembled the Blood Ritual to connect 'Erekam' manifestation circuits to the outpost's mainframe via F3RG31 unit. No intel how it affects Solartron.

2145 - ARS&e allies itself with Klustret. Information does not tell if this contributed to Klustret's victory. Unit Cookie is reported as crashing constantly.

2146 - Spring. A heavy smoke and fire is reported from the ARS&e office.

2146 - So called nano-specialist working for ARS&e refers multiple times to Great Grey Goo accident. What is meaning of this? ARS&e allies with several groups, including Klustret and Khaosists, to solve rampaging brain chip problem.

2147 - No reported ARS&e activity. Individual contracted mercenaries like Jaeger seen around the area.

2148 - No reported ARS&e activity. Individual contracted mercenaries like Jaeger and Irwin seen around the area.

End of activity report of "ARS&e" NOVA surveillance report 415-020


ARS&e Mechanics have long been known to the public from their advertising.