Asha Dhar

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Asha Dhar
Asha Dhar.jpg
Khosh amadid, sahib adey! (Welcome, my friends!)
Dukhi Matriarch
Agenda Ensure Dukhi traditions are upheld even in the weird world outside the Homelands.
Likes Tea, food, all Dukhi
Dislikes People who waste her time
Hobby Drinking tea, storytelling, watching brutal fights
Out of Game
Contact Shout on Facebook!
Played by Nina Tunge-Kvamme

Like all adult Dukhi women, Asha Dhar is a matriarch. Beyond that, she was chosen Head Matriarch for the Northern Expedition and sent to join the Dukhi there. She was charged to overlook the expedition and ensure its progress in finding allies against the great enemy in the south, as well as securing weapons and technology.

As Head Matriarch, she is responsible for the diplomatic relations, keeping the tribe together, delegating the right tasks to the right people, leading ceremonies and calling tribal meetings for important discussions. Finally, she decides when someone is granted nanawatai - the protection of the asylum.

She is also determined not to let expat Dukhi lose their way and forget their roots. It is her intention to encourage Dukhi lifestyle and tighten any slack she might find, and she relies on firm leadership and strict enforcement of the Dukhi way to do so.


Asha is strong and warm, loving and nurturing. In a world full of raving lunatics, murderous monsters, drug dealers, degenerates and extremists, she is a safe haven, a typical motherly figure. The one who always has a smile, a hug and a friendly word to those who suffer, struggles or feels lost. The one that anyone can come crying to (and spill all their secrets to). The one who annoyingly says, with a smile, "I forgive you, my child" to those who point a gun to her head and threaten to pull the trigger. She often smiles and rarely judges.

She has many times cared for some young, badass warrior, Dukhi or not, high on some crazy drug and drenched in blood, who has stumbled into her settlement or camp. She receives everyone who invoke the traditional asylum or seek her comfort with gentle care, and wipes away tears with tender hands and soft spoken words.

Her kindness is not without its limits, though. Like a mother, she can be strict when it’s necessary. She has little respect for those who boast their power or act with pride, and can punish transgressions harshly, though never with sadistic pleasure.

While she has much patience for outsiders and is curious about their lifestyle, she will not let anyone abuse the Dukhi hospitality. Indeed, everyone is welcomed, offered tea and chickpea cake, but if nothing concrete or of interest is brought to the table, she will dismiss them and scorn them for wasting valuable time.


Kindness. Asha is compassionate and nurturing, showing genuine care and generosity for most people, especially those who seek her help. She tries to help and comfort through altruistic love, asking nothing in return.

Leadership. Through clear and firm leadership she has the ability to lead groups of people, encouraging them to pull in the same direction, get things done and at the same time maintain good relations within the group. Though she might be considered strict, she always manages to listen to the needs and wishes of the people in her group.

Forgiveness and mercy. Forgiving those who have done wrong, accepting the shortcomings of others, giving people a second chance and not being vengeful. These are all traits attributed to Asha. She sees little use in keeping grudges, and once someone has paid their debt or taken their punishment, she treats them without prejudice of their crime.

Curiosity. Asha takes an interest in her experiences for its own sake. She enjoys exploring and meeting new people. She’s open to trying new things, and enjoys the novelty. Now that she’s in a part of the world so different from home, she is keenly interested in learning about the ways of the people who live here.


Naïve. Lacking understanding of the great north, Asha can be somewhat simple and guileless when interacting with other people and groups. Her critical judgement is not always the best, and she may sometimes put too much blind trust in those who do not deserve it, or who would do her wrong.

Soft-hearted. Having softness or tenderness of heart that can lead her into trouble. Those with bad intentions may be able to abuse her kindness. She often can’t resist helping someone in trouble, suffering or in need, and sometimes she doesn’t think of the repercussions before doing so. Is it always right to help everyone?

Blinkers on. Asha can sometimes get so focused on a particular subject or solution that she fails to see the bigger picture, or her subconscious stubbornness makes her unwilling or unable to consider other possibilities


While you as a player can choose to know any of the information in this wiki (totally up to you, you beautiful creature), below is a few suggestions on things one might have picked up/things that might be fun to play on. You can always of course choose to not know a thing about the character - the apocalypse is a big place after all.

  • Asha and the Dukhi harboured a Chaosist who claimed nanawatai, a sort of protective asylum that the Dukhi observe.
  • Asha conversed a lot with the Chaosists, despite all the warnings from everyone else.
  • She once had a beautiful friendship with Machine Dogs leader Turbo Diesel, but he stabbed her in the back when he ordered the entire Dukhi camp shot during a tea and story visit.
  • Asha has five children, one of which was likely conceived at Stråssa.
  • She maintains a close friendship with Tommy and Dante, but is conflicted about them joining the Machine Dogs.
  • One of the missions the Matriarch council specified was doing trials of a ritual called the jadid taqis. The trials only worked half as well as hoped and the council was reportedly not happy.


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