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Attall of the Dukhi Tribe, scout of Info Direkt (2144). Rightmost photo by Niklas Sandström

Scout from the Dukhi tribe who travelled to Stråssa in 2144. Attall worked for Direktör Morten von Müller of Info Direkt and was a succesful nighttime sniper. Attall was cut down by Gullstäutar Köpmannagille in the middle of the night, and left bleeding in a rainwater puddle, together with his employer.

Colleague of Konduktör Én and Erik Asbester.

Disappeared in 2144. Some leads point to the Water Federation having liquidated Attall. A lone Dukhi scout, Attall, was sent to negotiate terms with the Water Federation. Or prove them wrong. When the Water Federation was founded Dukhi was cast out from the community, questioning the gods of the federation. Sadly Attall went missing. Rumors say he fell victim of the Federation's Captain Leia de Marco´s hand. The details of this bloody misunderstanding is yet to be unfolded.

The Dukhi caravan reached Stråssa in 2145 in search of their lost kinsman.