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Twin Goddess of Profit and Death
Praise That A$$
Religious Center Killtown
Motto May the goddess feast on your flesh
Doctrine Profit, blood and death
Out of Game
Status Religion

Bab-RAH, the twin-goddess of Profit and Death, is the patron saint of Killtown. The deity seems to be at least partially based on the image of the pre-war singer and actress Barbra Streisand, with additional attributes from the Hindu goddess Kali - both of which of course are unknown to most people living in the Scandinavian Wasteland.


How the people of Killtown came to worship Bab-RAH is not clear. Most worshippers are however intimately familiar with the deity's mythological ascent to power:

The "not-so-merciful Bab-RAH" as she is also known was born out of the fires of the Great Destruction. In those ancient times, having almost reached the strength and achievements of the mystical deity "Elvis" and the bug-demigods of the "Beatles", she climbed the volcano mountain of Top-10 where she fought and defeated the demon-spawn daughter of the dark lord Billy Ray C-C-Cyrus and his brethren. As reward, she was granted immortality by the celestial sky demons and became deified, forever securing her place on top of Mount Top-10.

Primary Beliefs

The twin heads of Bab-RAH symbolise her dual nature, being both the goddess of money and profit and goddess of death. She holds a decapitated head in one of her four arms, symbolising her victory over Lord Cyrus and his demon-spawn. Her body is black as a result of being scorched by the volcanic lava and the atomic fires of Mount Top-10.

Also known as The Woman In Love, she is believed to devour the flesh of her faithful followers when their time comes. She will grant those who profit on others and who die a glorious bloody death a worthy place at her side in the afterlife, where they will serve the goddess in her celestial palace, Broadway, on top of Mount Top-10.


The followers of Bab-RAH and the population of Killtown in general use the Greeting of the Goddess, which is being performed using the bent index finger of the right hand and its point placed between the eyes, forming a crooked nose with the thumb resting next to the mouth. The goddess apparently had very beautiful nasal features before she was deified and this is commemorated by her worshippers with the greeting.

It is also normal custom to offer gifts whilst worshipping the goddess. It is believed that offerings of great value and/or caps may prove beneficial for the giver.