Bideen's un-intentional campaign group

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Bideen's un-intentional campaign group
A poster from the presidential campaign.
John Bideen for president!
  • John Bideen (politician and business-guy)
  • Jessicka (adventurer)
  • EDGAR [Eastern Data Group: Artig Robot] (butler robot)
  • Simon Ankercrantz (fältläkare / army surgeon)
Swedish Bidéns oavsiktliga kampanjgrupp
Out of Game
Status player group, first time 2017
Contact alden.niklas[at]

Group description

The group can be described as a mish-mash of vagabonds now travelling together. In short, the group formed around the business-guy and politician John Bideen that first needed a guide (Jessicka), then they found this robot (EDGAR) that teaches Bideen Swedish. Later, Bideen is in need of medical treatment, which eventually leads to a surgeon (Simon Ankercrantz) joining the group. A slightly more detailed history around this is given under the heading "How the group was formed". Though the members of the group may seem different they are all looking for something. A safe place, a presidency, a long lost love or just a cold Kåla after a long day of wandering in the wilds. Now, Bideens un-intentional campaign group is bond by friendship and common enemies. But mostly by common enemies.

Group characters

John Bideen - Johan Bidén

Age: Surely above 50. Maybe above 60 even?

Race: Baseline

Profession: Politician and business guy.

Looks: Cowboy hat. Boots. Suitcase. Toupée. The toupée is most precious to him.

Language: Speaks Americanish. Has just started learning Swedish from old recordings of the TV-show "Hipp-hipp".

Background: Born in the US, in Ol'Obama in a quite poor home in the countryside. In his 20's he moved to Washington D.T. and became rich, nobody really knows how.

Skills: Always talks good about himself. Is great in all ways imaginable.

Religion: Believe in Bruce Almighty.

Weapon: Does he even have a weapon? He is holding somthing in his hand, but what is it?

Mission: Becoming president. Presidential candidate for Republican Party Incorporated.


Age: Don't ask! ...If you have to guess, maybe just above 20.

Race: Baseline

Profession: Adventurer

Looks: Facial paintings as well as on the arms.

Personality: Loyal. Always sees the best in people. A little naive, but never ever go behind her back or threaten her friends, then you won't sleep calmly. Somewhat bad temper.

Motto: Shoot first, ask questions later.

Skills: Good with bow and arrow

Weapon: Bow and arrow. There might be something more, beware...

Mission: Always looks for new adventures, but wishes to have a basecamp to return to at the end of the day. Looking for a home and a family.

EDGAR [Eastern Data Group: Artig Robot]

Age: 125

Race: Robot

Profession: Household and communication, common use.

Background: Was designed as a household robot / common butler droid before the apocalypse. Broken and deactivated for many years, until it was repared and set to work by an unknown person.

Looks: A robotic look. Hard head. Can be connected via a port.

Language: Seem to have many languages installed.

Skills: High level of cooking. Can play music.

Weapon: No.

Mission: To help everyone.

Simon Ankercrantz

Age: 28

Race: Transhuman, cybernetic eye (unconfirmed information, might be wrong)

Profession: Army surgeon (Fältläkare). He is happy to show you his pocket diploma.

Looks: Medical coat and a medic bag.

Language: Speaks moderately good Swedish. If Simon gets angry or is found in a pressed situation his native tounge German bursts out.

Skills: Reserved, well educated... Likes to saw people's legs off.

Religion: There is no god. (period.)

Weapon: A small nerf-gun.

Mission: Keep everyone alive and accounted for.

How the group was formed

In 2145, Bideen left the US with his original campaign group and set course towards Europe. The plan was to become an influential politician in former France representing the Republican Party Incorporated. Crossing the Atlatic Sea, the flying vehicle was overtaken by Russians and Bideen and his group was taken to Moscow. There, everyone in the original campaign group was killed except for John Bideen who miraculously survives. By then, Bideen had heard rumours about this "Kingmaker" place. Not fully understanding the term, he decides to travel to Kingmaker / Outpost Valkyria in ambition to become a "king" (or president). He finds Jessicka who agrees to be Bideen's guide and bodyguard.

On the way to Kingmaker Bideen wants to pass by the captial Nova in the state of Nova to try to find allies in the common cause against mutants. On the way there they travel through Aros, where EDGAR the robot is found and joins the group. The crew never makes it to Nova though, because of a confrontation with spies sent out by the Red Peoples Front. Bideen is hurt and when help is called for the surgeon Simon Ankercrantz comes and saves the day. Now the four members of the group are together on their journey towards Kingmaker / Outpost Valkyrie, where none of them has been before. The year is 2146.