Byra Tanks

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Byra Tanks
The Queen
Byra Tanks
Mother of Drags, The fire breather, The unburnt, Wearer of the Mighty Beard, Breaker of bras, Queen of the Wasteland
Occupation Queen
Main income Making it rain
Secondary income Shady b*
Home Outpost Valkyrie
Out of Game
IRL Counterpart Kim Andersson
Also see Fae Fire Group
The Fire breather

Queen of the wasteland

No one knows where she came from, but everyone knows who she is. Byra Tanks appeared as a savior (according to some) in the power vacuum that emerged after the Water federation disappeared from the Stråssa outpost. She took control over the fight pit and soon thereafter she was found to have a finger in most of the major transaction going on both inside and around the sinter plant. Employing Specialisterna as her personal army, body guards and fashionable entourage she's well protected and the love from her loyal subjects around Stråssa makes her virtually untouchable. Even the the alpha wolves do thinks twice before entering her throne room. Getting on Byras bad side means that you'll soon find yourself swimming up Shit creek with a boat load of trouble sailing your way.

"Regel nummer ett. Tala inte om Byras side business. Regel nummer två. Tala INTE om Byras side business"

-Detektiv Thunberg at Detektivbyrå Tre lingon's office in Stråssa

The arena

Many brave souls have tried to win the lady Byras favour by competing in blood sports down in the arena sand. The fight pit is Byras way of paying back to the inhabitants of Stråssa by providing some much needed entertainment. Her suitors and gladiators compete for not only caps and glory, but also for the grace of Queen Byra. It is said that the great fighter Duncan McVegan once crushed 21 panzerwolf skulls just to get a kiss from Lady Byras lips. She was also the first arena host to divide the fighting groups into the two fighting teams, Team Blood Red and Team Radioactive Green. Giving each fighter a color made it easier for the audience to show who they were rooting for by waving the colors of their favorite fighter.

Although the arena is mainly about blood and glory, the queen in her infinite wisdom also makes sure the audience get their share of exciting halftime shows and burning hot entertainment!

Breaker of bras

Military Might

Although Byra does not officialy command or keep an actual army, her influence stretches far and wide across the wasteland and her pockets are very deep. She seems to inspire loyalty in her subjects and those who are not loyal tend to get a visit from the specialists demolitionist. Even when not escorted by an armed Militia this queen knows how to fend for herself

Known Associates



Pang i Bygget

Wearer of the mighty beard
Halftime show in the Fight Pit