CLONES aka Alpha's Crew

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Valkyria Corporation's Lost Ones (CLONES), formerly known as Alpha's Crew
Alpha's crew, BBR 2016
Left to right. On the stairs: Charlie, Zero, Dash, Tango. Ground level: Sierra, Acire, Gamma, Alpha, Kilo, Bravo. Sitting: November
Alpha for president!
Members Around 10
Occupation Yes please
Location Near the end of Hook Str.
Out of Game
IRL Counterpart Visby/Sthlm/Uppsala
Contact n/a

Alpha's Crew was what the gang associated with the famous gladiator Alpha called themselves. They all appear to share some common background, though they are as diverse as can be. In spring 2146 from a long journey, scarred and worse for wear, and for some reason now insist on the name of "Valkyria Corporation's Lost Ones", or, "CLONES" for short.


Once, the world was nice. It isn't, these days. Out of hardships, bonds are forged, and the more recent years have seen this gang through several. Whoever named them all didn't have a lot of time, imagination, or suggestions... they probably used an Old World list or two. At least, that's what they all assumed until the year 2145. Bravo, Gamma and Zero scouted out the town around the sinter plant in 2143 [irl year 2014], and it was considered a nice and safe place to hide from certain factions, to whom the 'crew had a bit of a debt.

Well, there was that nice idea of a travelling casino, which worked real well for quite some time, and then it didn't, and suddenly you're up to your knees in debt.

But you can't outrun some people, and the gang outran into a couple of them instead. Since 2144 [irl year 2015] they've been hanging out, on and off, in the shanty town, doing every job they can, cheering for Alpha or her protégés in the gladiatorial fights and rubbing elbows with their neighbours.


The Lost Ones are an odd bunch. They make do, but they're no winners - except Alpha, of course, always Alpha, queen under Qhuinn, reigning over the fight pit. (Sometimes she returns there for some violence, to keep her temper in check). They're hoping to settle their debts one time or the other, but that's going to take a lot of kapps... And some people are a bit worse at gambling than others, some just can't make a deal work their way, some always seem to fail at getting paid.

Now and then they leave the town for a while - long-term, short-term, but they always return. They haven't failed to regain their home containers yet; indeed, woe betide those who try to take and hold that place from them (but of course they always clean away any bodies, and scrub the walls to get the blood off). This had upped their cred for being decent additions in a fight, and worth hiring for their specialties. But compared to others, well... they're no winners.

The CLONES travelled north over the winter of 2145, very far north, and were gone half a year. According to them they even went even past Campus Birch and F21 by Ume. Stories from fans of Alpha who saw her fight at the Northern Traders Outpost give credit to this story, and they did make friends with the northern-Scandinavia-based Bonebreakers.

It seems the CLONES took to the road winter 2146 as well, southwards, dragging along doctor Woods. Something about a crusade against that AI they detest so much? The group has split in two for now, as they sometimes do, but why the division is a matter of speculation. And some say they've seen members of the group in two places at once. Such information makes the gang spend kapps or bullets aplenty, and often run off to that other place.


The gang is sometimes seen working hard and grudgingly for Nova, for whatever reason (Kapps. Kapps are the reason). About half of them lives permanently in Stråssa at any given time, some come and go.

  • indicates "attending physically this year".


  • Alpha (female pronouns) is the star of the outfit. She would happily step into the fighting pit in the sinter plant, as a fighter, judge or coach. Has a bit of an anger management issue. Don't ever ask her for "a date", it's a close call as to who will cause you unconsciousness first between her or any of the others. Crowned her career as undefeated gladiator star in 2146 with a mighty fight against Toto, now acts at most as a coach to up-and-coming fighters. Loves a good fight. Sister to Echo.
  • Bravo (male pronouns) totes around an EMP and makes a mean (mutant-proof, so they all claim) chai. Often seems to be called "fuckup" by the others, and yet there's something they envy him. There's a story to that. Has a taste for the finer things in life, knows a few specialised things about the Before the Fall. Brother to Sierra.
  • Charlie (neutral pronouns) seems to consider the 'crew "theirs". They back this up with an unpleasant amount of knives and an uncomfortably high fluency in using them. Often acts as spotter to Echo the sniper. The only other person allowed to carry Echo's rifle, Sigge. Decent sniper themselves, too. Really likes stabbing people. Really doesn't like anyone threatening the group.

Dash (male pronouns) has the looks and knows it. He's nimble-fingered and a deft hand at writing things down. The stories he retell or new-tell are always worth a listen. A charmer, but a bit vain. Ran off, was caught by... someone, used as blackmail material, later saved. Brother to Zero.

Echo (male pronouns) tends to do the sniping for the 'crew. Has an unpredictable-as-hell temper, except when behind the butt of Sigge, his rifle - which he never lets anyone save Charlie touch. Walked out on the 'crew in winter 2145/46, and was hunted by Val19's agents. The gang picked him up again in late autumn 2145. Proud brother to Alpha.

  • Gamma (male pronouns) is the techie. He's also often a bit better dressed than the others, and has finer gear. He's got the smarts and knows how to hack, and he owned a pretty rad motorcycle... don't mention that too loudly. More than once he's worked with Echo for a drive-by sniping. Info-gathering and datamining is one of his strengths. Does NOT take two sugars for his tea.

Juliett (male pronouns) is dead. He was the blue-moustachioed hippie of the group, the therapist, the one to keep them sane-r. He wielded a big damn gun and good advice with equal aplomb, but was randomly shot through the head by a Chaosist during a supposed business transaction. Oldest brother to Kilo and Tango. Died very unexpectedly in late 2144 [irl year 2015], but sometimes traces of what he's left behind appears to be done with foresight? Everyone is very unhappy that he died.

  • Kilo (female pronouns) comes across as somewhat dim-witted. Uses any and all substances she can get in order to stay that way, for reasons of her own. Make no mistake though, she is a mean medic. She'll defend the 'crew with a trigger-happy finger or sew them up with the very same. And they will defend her fiercely in return. Occasionally has a very sharp tongue. Youngest sister to Juliett and Tango.

November (female pronouns) has got herself a bit of medical training too. Her hearing is damaged and so she can operate her patients without worrying about any screaming. Likes pink and horses. Returned to the 'crew sometime late in 2144 after hearing about Juliett. Seems precocious, steals everyone's heart. Not literally?

Sierra (male pronouns) brings dark humour to any party. And booze and kapps, in general. He's fairly sharp, and often acts big-brotherly to Bravo. Ran in a different direction when the casino deal went rotten, but still likes to gamble. Came back at the end of winter 2145, since hearing of Juliett's death. Untiring and hardworking, more than anyone else, but a bit more sensitive than he lets on. Brother to Bravo.

  • Tango (female pronouns) is a whiz at mechanics and heavy weapons. It's unclear whether they like her more, or she them. Returned to the 'crew fairly soon after hearing about Juliett. Sometimes freaks out when in larger groups, has an uncanny knack of knowing stuff she shouldn't about other people. Sister to Juliett and Kilo.
  • Zero (neutral pronouns) has a loner streak a mile wide. Despite this, they always return to the 'crew. They know their way around any deadlands, any outback, any wasteland and often takes jobs as a guide. Got their left arm ripped off and replaced by cybernetics. This means that their firepower is backed up by razor-sharp claws. Sibling to Dash.

Acire (male pronouns) is one of Bravo's and Sierra's adoptive dads. Loves his sons but suffers serious PTSD after his time in the hands of the Chaosist. Quite clever with computers, quite clever indeed. Lovingly taken care of by his husband Magnus.

Lucius Woods (male pronouns) was put in cryo-stasis before the Fall and found in 2146. It is evident he is bewildered by the new world he has woken up in. Incredibly clever, gifted and a bio-scientist of renown. Then-head of the biggest project in Valkyria Corporations, a project concerning... utilitarian clones. The gang are parents, bullies, siblings and caretakers in equal measures toward him.

  • Rutger (male pronouns) is a good-natured guy with a fancy moustache. The gang picked him up during one of their sojourns to the continent, realising he had a connection to them. He's a November model of the first type (it wasn't pink-haired and kind until Val19 stuck its AI nose into it all) and has an enviable way of bouncing back from injuries, bad moods and accidents.

There are apparently more clones out there - for example, one named "Oscar" was supposedly manufactured to be a good footsoldier and grunt. The CLONES have met a specimen and can confirm it. Now and then the group runs into a new model they didn't know of. They will at times pay with kapps and blood to get more info, which seems to be scattered here and there, as pamphlets, data from Valkyria Corporation or voices in the Terminal.

Friends and enemies

They consider few people their friends, but a couple might be allies. They don't seem to averse to the Water Federation.

Few who hang out with any member of the 'crew could miss that they all hate the Chaosists with a vengeance. They appear to have a good reason for it, too, but you'll have to ask them personally for it. Their foremost thorn-in-our-side was Nova, these days they mainly seemed to dislike them, and not be able to deny them. Sometimes they've worked for Klustret with good results. A couple of them are quite fond of working for Fransoserna.

They seem to have a bit of an ambivalent relationship to the Octagon and Verkünder Wootech for some reason.

The CLONES couldn't hide their distrust for AI:s if they tried, but there's one they hate in particular, the one that once was the lynchpin of the Valkyria Corporation ("Bioengineering the future!"), and hasn't survived the fall of the world without gaining a few flaws: Valkyria 19. They happily helped Gateway snub another AI of its goal in 2146.