Casino Backen

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Casino Backen (2148) Photo by Pia Jansson Bröner

Casino Backen opened (and then closed rapidly) in Stråssa, outside Raider Town, in 2148. The crew of the Casino tried to claim a street as their own gang territory, resulting in a massacre at the hands of Castor's crew.

Casino Backen's leader, Krösa-Maja, took obscene loans upon loans, and bought a puny pistol to fight off the loan sharks. His death followed not short thereafter.

The Casino sported a robot, C4S1N0, who accompanied their neighbour, Konduktör Én, on a murderous killing spree inside the Sinterplant.

Three of the more outgoing members of Casino Backen got into all sorts of trouble. They both accompanies Borstis on robbing rounds and other mischief, and volunteered for a Finn hunt, after Folkkommissarie Igor Levchenko showed up in order to avenge the grave wrongs of Svarta Svärden against Red Peoples Front.

The fate of this run-down establishment of ill repute is currently unknown, but it is believed to have left Stråssa. Poorer and fewer in number than when they first reached it.