Castor's crew

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Castor's Crew (Sv. Castors gäng)
Random crew members
Skrotjägare av värsta sort!

Castor's Crew, or Castors gäng is a gang of scavenging zone trippers, currently living in the beautiful bunker-like buildning next to KÅP, a 100 meters south of the sinterplant.



Castor's crew are a bunch of severely disturbed and violently friendly scavengers. They spend most days days combing the zone for valuable remnants of the old world. The gang arrived a couple of years ago, around the time of the bunker opening and the destruction of the city of St. Petersomething. Castor's crew have since then had additional members arriving from the wasteland every now and then, and now counts about eight people.

Scavenging is the main occupation, but the crew also have served as mercenaries on several occations. They're quite often involved in random shootings and bar fights, and somewhat serious competitors on the local drug market.


The crew

  • Grizzly: One of the angriest men north of Vaggeryd. Master of verbal threats, and the enforcing of the same.
  • Aset: A disturbingly calm, pompous prick, sarcastic to the bone. Always wearing his lucky jacket.
  • Zeke: The badest ass this side of the apocalypse. Lightning-fast wielder of his AK. Don't let his pessimistic aura fool you, you definetely want him on your side when the shit hits the fan.
  • Lupus: Sneaky bastard whith a severe crush on every electronic or computer-like thing. Retreat specialist who prefers hanging out with manodepressic neural networks and homicidal AI:s over physical violence any day of the week.
  • Leo: Rather cheerful bastard who likes to go tripping in the zone. Both kinds.
  • Sparven: Disturbingly normal fellow, for being part of this particular crew. Time will set things straight.
  • Finken: Salesman. Apparently Won the "drug dealer of the month-award" three months in a row a couple of years back...
  • Galt: My mommy always said there were no monsters, no real ones, but there are. He mostly come at night. Mostly.
" 5 idioter och en kamera funna döda i zonen "