Conductor Tribe

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Symbol of Tåget.
Members of the Conductor tribe harvesting slaves during the early building phase of the Artery. Artwork by Milek Jakubiec (EthicallyChallenged).

One of three tribes in the oligarchic triple-tribal union of Tåget, living in Rälsa-Krylbo. The Conductors are the martial class, the strong arm of Tåget who defends it, police it, spies on its own tribesfolk, raid and enslave surrounding surface barbarians, and conduct conquest. The Conductors were crucial in fending off hostile tribes during the construction of the Artery.

2144 saw the destruction of Erik Asbester's home village by the conquering slavehunters of Tåget's Conductor Tribe, with all captives being marched back to Rälsa-Krylbo. As the ultimate gesture of domination, the central axis of the Thundering Grand Train is being built right on top of where the destroyed pontoon village recently existed.

Known Members

Konduktör Én, treacherous bastard and adopted tribesman (employed by Hjortkloe Manufaktur) who will guard the high-ranking Navvy Förste Ballastöversittare during his sales campaign for the Thundering Grand Train in Stråssa during 2148.

Konduktör Én, of the Conductor Tribe