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Daily Panic!

Daily Panic!, or DP, is a tabloid distributed in the general area of Outpost Valkyria. Created and maintained by the former circus con-girl Cindy de'Arcadia, only the most naïve wastelander would believe all of its printed content since most of it is here-say, smearing campaigns, or just flat out lies. But every now and then, some really interesting dirt has been dug up by the intrepid reporter. Its basically a mixed bag of biased (and bratty) opinions and veritable information-diamonds in the rough.

The editorial staff of Daily Panic! consists of:

Cindy de'Arcadia : A runaway-with-the-circus con-girl who started the newspaper as a new way to get by when the circus started to act.. weirder. A brat with close to none consequential thinking or risk-assessment, her snooping ways gets her into all sorts of trouble. But she always manages to slip out of the jaws of peril, with a new story to print.

Misse von Vanpower : A happy-go-lucky and a bit weird little scout and tattoo artist ("I used crayons once, how hard can it be?!") who sometimes helps selling issues and sometimes provide illustrations for the newspaper. That's of course if she isn't helping "old ladies" over the street or feeding her little horse with eggs. Don't ask...

Heavy Ichigo: Cindy's dubious, impulsive and completely unreliable bodyguard. She hangs around Cindy as long as their little snooping sessions is fun and interesting, but more than once she has left Cindy in a pickle mainly due to lack of interest or because of a sudden distraction.