Das Techno-Kind

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Das Techno-Kind
Das Techno-Kind Das Techno-Kind
The Techno-Kaiser reborn
Es lebe der Techno-Kaiser!
Religious Center The Ruhr Techno-Lands and beyond
Motto Behold, the Child!
Doctrine Vengeance, victory, order, unity
Out of Game
Status Religion
Contact arjunathomassen@gmail.com

One of the more prolific religious cults of The Ruhr Techno-Lands and beyond is formed around Das Techno-Kind (“the Techno-Child”), believed to be a coming avatar of the reborn Techno-Kaiser who vanished during the conflict known as The Great Techno-War.


After The Great Techno-War which ended with the so-called Techno-Stoß-Legende and the disappearance of the Techno-Kaiser it was foretold by the reading of certain patterns evident in spilt oil from derelict BMW, Opel and Mercedes vehicles that sometime in the future the Techno-Kaiser would be reincarnated as das Techno-Kind, a terrifying cyborg-child who would be dealing great vengeance and wreaking havoc amongst the descendants of the Techno-Kaiser’s enemies and the tribes who would still be worshipping the traitor Fürst Scooter the Defiler (eternal Techno-damnation be upon him)

Primary Beliefs

Many of the different tribes of the Techno-Lands worship a cyborg deity with child-like features, each deity believed to be a possible vessel for the foretold coming of the Techno-Kaiser who, as the legend tells, vanished in disgrace after the treachery of Lord Scooter which ended the Great Techno-War. It is believed that when the celestial subwoofers play at their utmost power and when the inhabitants of the former Techno-Lands are deemed worthy, the Techno-Kaiser will be reborn and will avenge the treachery of Lord Scooter and the rest of his enemies by slaying their descendants and once and for all restore the unified Techno-Lands. Not everybody from the Techno-Lands share the beliefs of the cult of das Techno-Kind however and instead focus on the Maschinen-Kult.


The Child needs loud offerings of Techno to be pleased as well as car parts and money. Donations to the cult are happily accepted and eternal blessings bestowed upon the giver.