Davids Barn

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Davids Barn (Children of David)
Original logo pls don't steal
Members The local branch consists of 8 brothers and sisters
Agenda Grow the family and spread the voice of David. As loud as possible.
Rule Democratic Dictatorship
Out of Game
Contact porcupinesyndrome@gmail.com


Davids Barn (Children of David) is a ragtag band of ne’er-do-wells with a penchant for the Starman, rock icon and god David Bowie. In a harsh world where everyone is looking to steal your caps, bullets and cans of hairspray, it is important to have friends to back you up. David’s Children is one of these groups, but in lieu of ideology, politics or religion, they are united by their love for brightly coloured clothing, fabric patches and the best music available on this godforsaken rock.


In 2139, the two founding members of the Children of David, Scary Monster and Super Creep happened upon a dust-covered shrine that had survived the olden days. A collection of posters, pins, patches and albums was all the inspiration the pair needed, and the gang was formed. They initially took the names Big Brother and Queen Bitch, to signify their leadership, and encouraged all new members to shed their old identities and be reborn as children of David, with a name approved by David himself.

With time, Scary Monster and Super Creep both discarded their leadership and took their final names, establishing Big Brother and Queen Bitch as titles of leadership within the gang.


With time, the gang has grown, and is now split over three branches. Each branch is lead by a Queen Bitch or Big Brother, a position that is granted via democratic election within the branch. At any time, a member can call for a re-election for leadership, and a vote will be held if at least one third of the branch feels it’s needed. This rule has the highest authority within the gang, meaning that no Queen Bitch or Big Brother can turn the gang too far from the path unless the branch agrees with the proposed changes.

To become a child of David (part of the family) you have to go through a process of rebirth. Although the procedure may look informal, all that it entails is to denounce your old name and take a new one as negotiated with the family, it is a big deal to the members of the family. Although the rebirth is highly symbolical, it forms the artificial family ties that can only be broken by actual death. For the same reason, leaving or forsaking the family once reborn is not looked upon kindly.

Originally envisioned as a family without ideological or religious ideals and beliefs, some of the younger more zealous recruits have begun to walk a path of worship.

Business in Valkyria

The branch that will be residing in Valkyria during the larp run a farm not too far away, where they grow various oats, vegetables and other foods. They’ve come to Valkyria in order to stock up on goods, caps, make their presence known and make sure that other inhabitants have access to a variation of fibres and nutrients in their diets. They are also looking to bring new members into the family, and to spread good tunes to all nearby scavengers, wreckers and other dashing rogues.


All family members are easily identified by the mark of David, a red and blue lightning bolt painted on the face.


Big Brother, previously Greven (The Duke), is the current leader of the local branch. Paternal by nature, Big Brother has left most of the scavenging life behind in order to remain at the camp to offer emotional support and cook food for all his brothers and sisters. He views “former” members of the family with utter disdain, and sees it as his task to make sure that the family ties are not the only thing broken for them.

Blackstar is the least colourful in the gang (but still has the facepaint obviously). His main goal is to make sure that everybody in Valkyria knows about the children of David and to try to get as many people as possible to do their shopping in the family store. He doesn’t talk much unless he has something specific to say which, at times, can be a bit annoying.

Dr Q (nickname undetermined) is one of the newer recruits from the Academics of Aros. While his goals remain unclear, his medical knowledge has been a valuable asset to the group. Curious and polite, the good doctor have returned to Outpost Valkyria for reasons of his own, and the question what the scope is set on this time.

One shot is the enforcer of the gang. A grizzled survivalist driven by pragmatism and loyalty to the group. Sees himself as an unofficial second in command, there to make sure that things get done. He is handy with a gun and knife, shoplifters beware. One shot was a lone wolf wanderer before joining the children of David, and the skills that allowed him to survive as a vagrant is now put to use for the benefit of the group.

Liv Marte is the military commander of the group for when the situation heads south. This also means she makes sure everyone is properly fed and has enough warm clothes.

Ziggy (Cigge) Stardust is the group's connoisseur of antique objects, the go-to guy(girl) for identifying and valuing goods, very useful in trading business. Although her expertise is also her curse. She is practically obsessed with the old world, a conservative one might say. For the Children of David, a group of (almost) self sufficient innovators, Cigge can be perceived as a tiresome old-fashioned reactionary.

Kjell “Doc Stitch”, alongside Dr. Q, hails from the Academics of Aros. An apothecary and field-biologist by trade, this medic has a deep understanding of diseases and sickness, something he is adept at treating through his years of academic studies. This is not to say his understanding of treating wounds is lesser, it is just that he dedicates whatever time he has on his own toward microbiology. His connection to David’s Children is a jovial one, with a fine understanding and appreciation toward the familial bond that its members show one another.