Detektivbyrå Tre lingon

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Detektivbyrå Tre Lingon
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We are on the case!!
Agenda Solving cases, making caps and distributing Knogmackor
Manners Rude, straight on and determined
Motto integrity, partial vigilance and Övervåld!
Inspired by Noir movies, detective movies, Leif GW Persson, Blade runner and basically everything with a trench coat and a fedora


In 2138 the city council of the city state Lindesberg founded "Lindesbergs Utredande Byrå" (Lindesbergs investigatory bureau) in an attempt to make an investigatory unit to help the citys militia to quench the current crime spree who ravaged through the city.

The lack of educational material from pre-war police organisations forced the city council to base their entire education off old detective movies and Noir magazines from the citys library. This was fully embraced by the recruits who immediately demanded that the city council got them trenchcoats, fedoras and hard liqour (preferbly Whiskey, Trocadero or Bourboun). The city council fulfilled these requirements believing that these items were required to conduct proper police investigations.

The bureau conducted many successful investigations during the years and was considered a success both by the city council and the people of Lindesberg (although it did happened that an occasional knuckle sandwich landed in the wrong pie hole)

Sadly in the year 2143 Lindesberg was attacked and annihilated by an army of Panzerwolf, the LUB fell together with the rest of the city after extensive fighting.

In 2144 The remnants from the LUB started up the Detective agency Tre Lingon in Stråssa specializing on private security, armored transport and detective work.

According to some people the logo of The Tre Lingon Detective agency bares some similarities with the logo of a certain prewar security company.

Tre Lingons agency in Stråssa has grown over the years from consisting of only three detectives (and one aspiring detective) to consisting of eleven employees consisting of detectives, consultants and other "crime fighting experts". The years in Stråssa as been a great success for Tre Lingon with a bunch of solved cases both bigger and smaller ones. This has resulted in that they have made quite a lot of allies in the settlement but also a bunch of enemies. It quickly gained recognition in Stråssa after several high profile cases.

Detective work, brand recognition and armored cars or: how to brand yourself in a radioactive Hellscape

Who works for Tre Lingon?
The Tre Lingon Detective Badge. A symbol who marks it's owner as member of Tre Lingon and a source of imagined authority and importance.

The members of Tre Lingon comes from all walks of life. The agency may have been started by remnant detectives from the LUB but far from everyone in the agency are from Lindesberg. The agency recruits anyone who are an asset to the agency and who swears loyalty to the badge and Leif GW Persson. Those who have been sworn in to Tre Lingon are usually loyal to the badge but there have been some cases of treason, these cases have been dealt with swiftly by the agency.

How to recognize a member of Tre Lingon

The official dress of a Tre Lingon detective is a trench coat, hat and tie with the agency's logo painted on the back. There are a few detectives who have broken this dress code but they are generally considered "Loose cannons" by the rest of the agency. Those who have been the agency for other purposes then detective work are referred to as consultants, the dress codes for consultants are not as strict but they usually adopt's the same style as the detectives they work wit. Everyone who are employed by Tre Lingon are given a badge as depicted in the picture to the right. The vehicles of Tre Lingon are usually armed with some kind of machine gun and has emergency lights on the roof.

The master case

Detectives and consultants of Tre Lingon don't have to follow the same religion or adhere to the same worldview as each other. But there is one thing that everyone has in common. Their will to solve the biggest case that has ever existed. The master case. Never heard about such a thing as the master case? It all began the 28th of February 1986 when two shots rang out on the streets of Stockholm leaving one man dead in the street. The worlds greatest and probably first detective Leif GW Persson was given the task to solve this mystery, a task he worked on tirelessly until his death in 2052. There are rumors that Tre Lingon have a AI copy of Leif GW Persson that waits for the last piece of evidence to solve the master case. This is rumor has not been confirmed though.

The Detectives (And others)

Lead Detective Deckard : One of the original Detectives who started up Tre Lingon. Deckard is responsible for handing out cases to the other detectives. Likes hard booze, insulting people and karaoke.
Detective Morre Artig : Most people would describe Morre as charismatic and sly. A good detective and an even better salesman. Rumors says that Morre has gotten his sales training from KÅP themselves but this is not confirmed. Morre is Tre Lingons chief of public relations.
Detective Falk : Falk is "To old for this shit" and just want to relax in his comfy armchair. But no, people keep bothering him with cases to solve and people to beat. Falk is the bureau small arms specialist and gunsmith.
Consultant Klint Östskoogh : Not much is known about Klints background. Cracking codes and heavy weapons are his specialties
Consultant Callahan : This Ex-Sheriff is Tre lingons resident Sharpshooter & Gunslinger with a knack for bad jokes and oneliners.
Detective Louis Cannon : There are many words to describe Louis Cannon. Ace detective, a loose cannon and a wild card are some of them. This is Tre Lingons star detective. His methods may be unorthodox but he gets the job done! Also good at cooking
Consultant Nena  : Former RFF saboteur and now the Bureaus Explosives expert.
Detective Beck : The Bureaus computer technician. The chief and only member of the bureaus Cyber crimes division. Hates onion.

Other members not depicted above are:

Detective Allen: Detective, Casanova and logistic expert.

Consultant Conny: Paramedic.

Oreda Cort: There are something odd about this detective as people in her surrounding tend to get cursed. If your going to kidnap her at least carry her so she doesn't have to walk for herself.