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Agenda To acquire your immortal souls
Manners Rude, loud, violent, aggressive, trigger happy, easily fooled with flattery and deception
Motto MASSIVT MAND! (That's massive)
Ethics No
Inspired by 80’s Copenhagen Dialect, The movie ‘De Skrigende Halse’, Synthwave music, pentagrams and shit.
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The Devilmen are a group of satanic raiders, originating from Killtown. They are violent and aggressive and will do pretty much anything to acquire your immortal soul."


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Organisation of the Devilmen

The Devilmen are chosen from birth and trained in different disciplines, as directed by Satan and the leading warlord. Some are trained in several disciplines and all are trained for combat to some degree.

Warlord - The one earthly leader of the Devilmen. Recides in 'The Kingdom' in Killtown. Mouth of the infernal choir - Leads diplomatic and undiplomatic actions and also acts as judges when required Hell General - Leads single units of Devilmen in battle Coagulant - Medics and keepers of sacred sulfur fumes Bringer of Hellfire - Heavy weapons specialized Devilman "Tallyman" - Keeps count of souls, ammo, maggots and everything else that needs counting or noting down Lawyer - Keeps track of contracts, procedures, law and other evil activities Hellish infantry - The regular rank and file grunt of the Devilmen

The Kingdom

In the ruins of Killtown, lies Riget, or The Kingdom. The Kingdom was built when the world was still sane, upon lakes of Cleansing Bleach, in the most beautiful of cities. A giant block of concrete and light, it housed the smartest doctors and the most perfect technology. When the warlords of old gazed upon this jewel they rejoiced and named it The Kingdom.

When Madness fell upon the North and throttled our memories, many were the pilgrims to this cathedral. And the warlords were merciful and opened the gates and kissed the wounds of the Radiated, the Broken

Then Madness fell upon the Beautiful City once more. The old warlords were trapped in their ways of Mercy and the World that had Gone

Present day, a constant war is waged in the many corridors and sublevels of The Kingdom. A constant fight for mere inches between the reciding gangs and factions who live most of their lives in these ruins.

The Hellforge

To sustain their hellish activities, an machine known as the hellforge has been running for years, providing the devilmen with power, and occasionally new recruits. How this works is shrouded in mystery, but what is known is that it requires very specific fuel from time to time.

Culture of the Devilmen