Erik Asbester

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An uninfected Erik Asbester setting out for his first year in Stråssa (2143).
Erik Asbester's second year in Stråssa: Infection and coccoon stage. Working and failing as courier for Info Direkt (2144).
The stalking horror in the dark (2147).
Dancing Mutant: Erik Asbester's 4th year after infection (2147).
Dancing member of Partiet (2147).
The creeping horror (2147).

Erik Asbester was a naïve young man who travelled (from his pontoon fishing village outside the ruins of old Krylbo) to Stråssa in order to save his village during 2143, and instead stayed there forevermore after being infected. His mutations are escalating over the years. How will this end?

In 2144, During his first year as infected (coccoon stage), mister Asbester worked miserably as a courier for Info Direkt, nicknamed Flugan (the Fly). Asbester was a colleague to Konduktör Én and the Dukhi scout Attall. He also fought, and lost, an arena fight side-by-side with Konduktör Én.

2144 also saw the destruction of Erik Asbester's home village by the conquering slavehunters of Tåget's Conductor Tribe, with all captives being marched back to Rälsa-Krylbo. As the ultimate gesture of domination, the central axis of the Thundering Grand Train is being built right on top of where the destroyed pontoon village recently existed.

2145 saw Erik Asbester tear through the forces of Jonas Hjortkloe during a wasteland raid, until he had his throat slit by Konduktör Én.

Known to Republik 11 as Wrench.

Member of Partiet.

Soon-to-be Wildmutant?