Fältsjukhuset Renovo / Renovo field hospital

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If the neighborhood fight escalated and you have ended up with a bullet in your leg,

if you and your family can’t stop vomiting or if you just got your arm ripped of,

come to us at Renovo.

Worried about your banners, don't be, we accept and help everybody!

The field hospital is a small group of health personnel that came to Sweden last year through Denmark. They put up shop in the village of Stråssa and have spent the last year giving out free healthcare. They are patching up fighters, healing sick villagers and helping people understand the natural, and unnatural, functions of the human body.

The main focus of the group is surgery, regular health checkups and administration of the medicine Panacea. Panacea has shown to have very good effect on both healing wounds, stopping food poisoning, reversing impotency, healing easier types of death and much, much more. Some call it a miracle, Renovo calls it science.

During the summer the hospital have expanded their operation with two new functions.

The first one is to connect freelance medics with groups that wish to rent their services. The process is simple, the medics and the groups looking for help leave their contact info with the hospital and for a small fee or service the information will be passed on to a suitable other part.

As a medic you can also go thru a series of tests at the hospital and get a sign of approval from the hospital assuring your future employers that you are well and healthy.

The other one is concerning healbots. The hospital have come in to a big party of healbots and are selling these at a low rate, practically free, against a small favor or two.


The folks at the field hospital has been on the road for quite some time, for some of them its been up to 8 years ago the left home. Which is a long time for this gang.

They rarely talk of home or the organization Renovo, but looking at their documents that are partly in Russian and Japanese and what has been told after a drink or two they seem to originate from Asia. Oddly enough most of the sound and look nordic.

The group is very friendly and welcomes everyone to get help from them, they have no interest in the hunt for the bunkers of Sweden but are only interested in making the people of Stråssa and the nearby region healty and happy.

They have no enemies, even if they have been attacked by Pancarwolfs a couple of times. They are instead well liked in the community and are on good terms with most people and organizations in the area, as far as they know.

At 2016 event the group is consisting of

Ann-Charlotte Retzeius Head doctor, MD, leader of the group
Jonas Brage Chief surgeon, manager of the field hospital, coordinator of the administration of healboots
Nergüi Head nurse, coordinator of the Medic intermediation
Bernard Bibiç Rantasalmi Communicator
Gustave Niemand Surgeon
Simon Gråwall Surgeon
Proff Psychologist
Annicki Mähäjäkilen Nurse
Petra Magnolia Nurse
Olga Nurse
Vladimir "Putte" Alejandro Security