Folkkommissarie Igor Levchenko

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People's Commissar Igor Levchenko in Sestra Strana (2148).
Russian paperwork (2148).
Red People's Front claiming vengeance on Svarta Svärden (2148). Photo by Cajsa Lithell
Volunteer Commissariat Troops, recruited from Casino Backen (2148). Photo by Pia Jansson Bröner
Hailing the comrades in the fort (2148). Photo by Pia Jansson Bröner

In the year 2148, Folkkommissarie Igor Levchenko of the People's Commissariat Against Counterrevolution and Espionage (H.K.B.A.) of the Red Peoples Front was tasked to avenge a most heinous crime perpetrated against the memory of 10'000 dead Comrades. A Finnish flag bearing a black sword was discovered to be planted in the glass crater of Vladimirograd (formerly S:t Petersburg, Leningrad and Petrograd). This disgusting defilement of the dead could not go unpunished for long, and so Krasny Narodny Front sent out a fuming Levchenko to Stråssa through Sestra Strana, carrying with him a mission for comrade Captain Vadim to muster his troops and allies and strike against Svarta Svärden like lightning.

And so Vadim did, having his soldiers mow down the Black Swords on Dukhi Avenue as the tired Finns accidentally walked right into the Red Peoples Front troops, on their way to a morning duel with the Karg Brothers. Svarta Svärden did not even have time to draw their weapons before Russian lead hit them like a hailstorm at point-blank range.

Comrade People's Commissar Igor Levchenko could be heard roaring his credentials and mission orders, barking at the Black Swords for their monstrous disrespect of dead enemies, and spitting at them for their baleful slaughter of all Russians in Karelia. Comrade Captain Vadim concluded this succesful vengeance operation with a thrice-roaring "OORAAAH!" in loud unison with all his troopers and allies. Levchenko left the RFF fort in Stråssa with compliments on the local Front's decisive action, ability to organize and skill at forging a network of dependable alliances.

Folkkommissarie Igor Levchenko apparently recruited three members of Casino Backen as volunteer Commissariat troops, serving under Vadim's command with the regular Front soldiers. Their identities remain a secret of state and party to this very day.