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Gullstäutarna in Stråssa (2144). Photo by Cajsa Lithell
Gullgaukn at night (2144). Photo by Niklas Sandström
Doubts concerning the existence of Gotland (2144). Photo by Cajsa Lithell
Gullstäutar (2145). Photo by Sanna Lindén

Gullstäutar Köpmannagille is a nomadic merchant group originating from the bombed isle of Gotland.

Debt Collecting (2144)

Direktör Morten von Müller of Info Direkt was threatened and hunted by the Gullstäutar Köpmannagille from Gotland, who claimed that he owed them a huge debt in money. This tense issue finally seemed to be resolved after von Müller and his Dukhi scout Attall in the dead of night were knifed down in rainwater puddles on the gravel streets of Stråssa. Following this violent deed, Direktör von Müller underwent a life-saving surgical operation involving bionic implantation, carried out by ARS&e Mechanics. These procedures deleted his memory of the recent throat-cutting.

Yet the snake known as Konduktör Én then went in secrecy to Gullgaukn, the leader of Gullstäutarna, making her promise to never reveal the source for this crucial piece of information, and told her that "The Direktör has hired assassins to repay a disservice which he no longer remembers." Upon swallowing this blatant lie, Gullgaukn swore in surprise, and had one of her underlings cut down Direktör von Müller a second time. A rowdy verbal confrontation followed where von Müller denied any hiring of assassins. As Gullstäutarna left, Gullgaukn glared murderously at Konduktör'n, but stuck to her word and did not disclose her source after all.

Later, Konduktör Én had emerged from the Bar in Sinterverket. There he found Gullgaukn standing alone with her back to him. Reasoning that offense is the best defense, he rushed out and cut her down from behind, with a snide remark that the Direktör was lying (and that he wouldn't loot her as a mark of politeness, have a good day!). As he strutted away, he was shot down from behind by the two non-Chaosists that he had assaulted shortly before. There, Gullstäutarna and the non-Chaosists almost came to blows over who should take Konduktör Én captive.


HKM Comic: Oblivion (2144)

Oblivion (2144) is a historical comic booklet, printed by Hjortkloe Manufaktur, which deals with actual events of said year, involving treachery within Info Direkt and its hostile debtors, Gullstäutarna Handelsmannagille. Its back feature an advertisment for Stråla Brännarna, following a deal struck with Diesel.

Public Download (PDF)