Hjortkloe Manufaktur

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Hjortkloe Manufaktur
HKM, Industrial Powerhouse.
Type Cyberpunk Conglomerate
Industry Information & Medical Technology
Founded 1956, Västervik
Founder Konstantina Hjortkloe

Greger Hjortkloe (President & CEO)

Jonas Hjortkloe (Board member & Company Heir)
Headquarters Progresse, New Västervik
Employees 14,800

Nil satis, nisi optimum

"Only the best is good enough"

Hjortkloe Manufaktur (English: Hjortkloe Manufactory) (Stylized as: HKM) is a technological & medicinal conglomerate with its roots in pre-war Sweden. HKM is driven forward by its founder's dynasty; Hjortkloe, with goals of rapid territorial as well as profitable expansion. As of current time, Hjortkloe Manufaktur is under the leadership of CEO and Company President Greger Hjortkloe, and its board members.

Background of Hjortkloe Manufaktur

Beginnings & The Cold War Era (1956-1990)

During the early 1950's, a young Konstantina Hjortkloe, with her newly graduated team from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, consisting of doctors and physicians, were doing fieldwork and research in Korea, tending to wounded US soldiers and developing ways to fight off infections, tuberculosis and dysentery. Coming back to Sweden after the Korean War, Konstantina founded Hjortkloe Manufaktur in the town of Västervik, Northern Kalmar County. Using her experiences and research from the war, Konstantina was able to develop sophisticated vaccines that would protect people from common ailments and infectious diseases. To the dismay and complaint of some of her colleagues, Konstantina decided that instead of issuing her results and medicines to the state, she would patent her work and use it for profit.

From her institute in Västervik, Konstantina Hjortkloe made large fortunes from selling huge quantities of vaccines to states and private individuals wealthy enough for the treatment. As time passed, her patents went out of use and her work became open to public access. To facilitate income, Konstantina controversially left later batches of her vaccines functional, yet incomplete, which left subjects vulnerable to new strains of old diseases. People that thought themselves as immune were now forced to turn back to Hjortkloe Manufaktur for additional aid. Some researchers, primarily from Karolinska Institutet, went against patent law and did thorough research on Hjortkloe's vaccines. These researchers later published criticizing articles in newspapers, condemning their old classmate for fraud. Whether or not Konstantina had anything to do with the deed, two of the writers of the article were found dead in their apartments only days later after the papers were published.

Hjortkloe Manufaktur, Västervik, 1963

Protected by her patents, and from the lack of alternative sources of medicine, Konstantina could continue her production of her vaccines for the international market.

The Vietnam War brought new opportunities for Hjortkloe Manufaktur. Konstantina sent out field teams to southeast Asia to sabotage medical equipment and spread harmful viruses under the pretense of aiding south Vietnamese hospitals and US field medics. The company grew to include hundreds of employees as world disease spread and countries turned to the reliable HKM for cures.

During the escalation of the situation in The Space Race, and the fall of the Berlin Wall, scientists from both, the USSR that fled from their Soviet Regime, or the US seeking protection from their corrupt officials, came to HKM asking Konstantina for refuge. With this new expertise, HKM took on new ambitions to create technology and machinery that only the crazy would dream of. As a consequence of this, the medicinal branch of the company was put on a lower priority, and was after this only continued in secret.

Konstantina, at the age of 68 (1990), left the company in the hands of her daughter Alexandra Hjortkloe, who had during her years as a junior board member of the company made contacts all over the globe and had plans of her own for the expansion of the company.

Information Era & The Work in the West (1991-2021)

With her new position as CEO, Alexandra Hjortkloe set sights on expanding the company into the IT-market. HKM took significant steps for the development of computing units and early information sharing technologies. Working mostly behind closed doors, and withholding information about their work to the public, HKM shared their projects with US Security and Surveillance services and institutes, such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA), as to improve and develop new computing methods and security equipment.

Now taking part of international affairs, Hjortkloe Manufaktur grew to become one of Scandinavia's biggest political players as well as private research & development institutes.

From having produced parts of American warheads used conflicts in the Middle East, to having their company name printed on US state funded security drones, HKM found themselves with a chip to play in the foreign and international security market.

In 2019, Hjortkloe Manufaktur Members took part in founding the International Committee of Comet Deterrence as the comet P/2018 K2 passes Earth.

IODS, NSM & The World at War (2022-2044)

In 2022, Alexandra Hjortkloe starts up a project together with the Swedish government and the European Council and Parlament, to develop control components for the IODS Project. The International Committee decrees that the project deadline, lies in the winter of 2030. However in 2027-28, political relations between the EU and US worsen due to trade conflicts, and progress is temporarily put on hold. To make matters worse for the IODS Project, in 2029 several national self-interest groups spring up all over the developed world and forms a coalition called the National Sovereignty Movement that conspires against the project, claiming it to be a tool for globalization and hurtful towards their nation states.

Work continues on the IODS, now scheduled to be completed 2042. Hjortkloe Manufaktur, its shareholders, and company loyalists invest fortunes into the project development and political campaigns to support the IODS, and in the winter of 2032, P/2018 K2 passes the earth in a dangerously close orbit. Dismay and international pressure strikes the project.

In 2040, following the congressional victory for the National Sovereignty Movement, backed by reactionaries in the US and the majority support for the movement in major European nations, Sweden pulls out of the project and HKM follows. As international conflicts and world tension increases, Alexandra and her heir William calls a crisis meeting for the company, and a closed-door agreement to build a fallout safe bunker in Hjorted, west of Västervik, is made. Construction of the bunker is immediately started and company public relations are almost completely severed.

Between summer and early winter of 2044, as the now Chinese controlled and funded IODS manages to avert collision with P/2018 K2, Hjortkloe Manufaktur begins to evacuate its members and resources to its bunkers as large parts of the earth's landmass is bombarded by the comets debris. In November of 2044, HKM recives inside information of the US Avenging Freedom project, and on the evening of the 11th of November, Hjortkloe Manufaktur shuts the blast doors of the bunkers.

Contemporary Hjortkloe Manufaktur

Leaving the Bunkers & Progresse (2045-2071)

Progresse at night.

Between the years of 2045-2055, Hjortkloe Manufaktur lives and operates within its bunkers underneath the old town of Hjorted. Preparations are made within the bunker workshops to leave the underground within fifteen years ,and claim the earth once more.

Production of building modules, electrical generators, personnel equipment and much more is produced around the clock in the bunkers. Teams of scouts and surveyors are assembled and on the dawn of the first of Mars year 2055, the bunker blast doors are opened to expose its inhabitants to the surface.

Only months after the expedition back to the over-world, construction of Progresse is started. Plans were begun back in 2046 to create a company stronghold on the ruins of Västervik, to control surrounding areas and exploit its natural resources. Between 2055 and 2057 the construction were taking place day and night. Company members were living in pre-constructed housing modules and setting up early hydroponic agricultural structures or traveling and scavenging off the nearby lands.

In the year of 2065, Progresse was up, running, and fully functional. The Industrial complex that made up the vast majority of the settlement, was now producing goods with resources from nearby local tribes or self-invested mining projects. Hjortkloe Manufaktur had made itself the dominant player in the area, and nearby settlements came to join. Population grew and a large residential area around the Progresse Complex came to be known as New Västervik.

Risk, Relief & Victory (2072-2120)


Expansion (2121-)

Jonas Hjortkloe leading his retinue into battle (2145). Photo by Qurik Herman Langland at BigPictureLarping
No champagne for the unwashed underclass in Stråssa, by order of Jonas Hjortkloe (2148). Photo by Klara Larsson

As of the year 2121, Greger Hjortkloe is in command of the company, as he saw fit to replace his older brother Sebastian as the company CEO and President. Rumor has it that Greger was caught on security tape cracking open Sebastian's skull on the corner of the conference table in the board of directors office space, as the rest of the members were calmly watching.

Returning home from Stråssa in the year 2144, company heir Jonas Hjortkloe, gathered a band of faction members, loyalists, and specialists to begin an expedition back to the old Örebro County in order to increase his contribution to the company, and assert his power as heir over the board. This expedition in 2145, however, proved to be a failure despite robust funding, and the conduct of the Hjortkloe force (and of Jonas in particular) earned them infamy and the enmity of most people in Stråssa. Jonas has since scorned Stråssa and directed his efforts elsewhere, although HKM has maintained an undercover presence in Stråssa thanks to its operative agent, and has likewise sported a media presence thanks to the efforts of Beatrice the blogger.

A nasty rumour started to circulate during 2146 about Jonas Hjortkloe having visited a mutant brothel (and then slain the employees of said establishment) back in 2144, following his captivity at the hands of Red Peoples Front. Apparently a shady character handed over a copy of a spy document from Info Direkt's archive and bribed the barmaid in Sinterverket to talk loosely about this false matter. Security Guard Konduktör Én worked diligently in 2147 to fervently deny that any such mutant brothel visit had ever occured (thereby unwittingly spreading the rumour further), by gifting people on the street free apples from the greenhouses of Progresse, and by informing the public via Radio Active. Hjortkloe Manufaktur strongly denies this rumour.

Hjortkloe Manufaktur also strongly denies all involvement in the infamous Lion Hunt of 2147. The doings of its employees on their unpaid holidays are entirely their own private business. Still, the spectacular events that played out that year would make for a profitable media target for HKM Publishing House, and so the printing press in Progresse ran hot. HKM Comics Oblivion (2144) and Lion Hunt (2147) were the first to be sold on the streets of Stråssa.

Board of Directors & Company Hierarchy

Board of Directors (2144)
CEO & President Greger Hjortkloe
Company Heir Jonas Hjortkloe
Head of Administration Madeleine af Säfwenquist
Head of Public Relations Toni Van Deijck
Head of Information Tech. Veronica Harnítroca Déro
Head of Mech. Technology Alfred Au Månbåge
Head of Medicine & Biotech. George Folkesson
Divisional Chief of Medicine Hugo Folkesson
Member Henrietta Silvferpäls
Member Karl Filip Törnstedt
Member Estrid Gyllengrieph
Member Teresia Ehrenschöld

Hjortkloe Manufaktur is owned and operated by the Hjortkloe dynasty, which has continuously been in charge of the company since its founding. The office of CEO and Company President is hereditary, or simply shifted around inside of the family members. The CEO and President have total executive and vetting power, and dictates which members attend the board of directors, and when members are replaced, and if new posts are to be established.

The other board posts are often passed down like the CEO post, hereditary, if no other executive action is in order.

There are currently six executive offices:

  • CEO & President
  • Head of Administration
  • Head of Public Relations
  • Head of Information Technology
  • Head of Mechanical Technology
  • Head of Medicine and Biotechnology

Other board posts are assigned to company members due to either temporary assignments, councilor positions, or persons of company interest.

Under the different head executives, division managers handles production lines and employees. The amount of divisions each branch consist of varies as new projects are started and old canceled.


Hjortkloe Manufaktur is a major producer of IT, mechanical and medicinal products. Company exports to high-end customers include computer units, cybernetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Being the uncontested largest employer of manpower in the Västervik area, HKM also conducts resource excavation projects like opening up mines and quarries, but also agricultural projects like foresting.

HKM Publishing House

HKM Comics is a subdivision of Hjortkloe Manufaktur (HKM) Publishing House. HKM Comics are printed in Progresse, New Västervik.

These comics are considered low-brow brain fodder for the underclass by the Board of Directors of Hjortkloe Manufaktur, and may at best be considered as an outlet for Hjortkloe propaganda. As such the contents of HKM Comics is of a cheap and shoddy production quality, with an emphasis on spectacle, scandal and violence in order to appeal to the primitive masses' base desires.

Following the dirty deeds of one HKM employee during the Lion Hunt of 2147, Beatrice Klarion advocated for casting him out of both Progresse and the company for disrespecting established authority. However, rumours claim that some young higher-ups in Hjortkloe Manufaktur (upon hearing the report of the accused one), instead of throwing Borstis out, saw a chance for profit by printing such dirty tales in comic format.

The debut year of 2148 saw HKM Sercurity Guard Konduktör Én sell HKM Comics Oblivion (2144) and Lion Hunt (2147) in Stråssa with foul salesman sharking. When attending an arena event, Borstis could be heard shouting "Köp Hjortkloe serier!" Much of the time, the newly printed HKM Comics would be given a sales pitch as toilet paper. At other times, the absence of Captain Leo's second shoulder cannon (newly installed in 2148) was used as an argument for the Lion Hunt (2147) comic being a strip tease, in order to appeal to Leo's ardent fans.

The following is a list of all known comics thus far:

Oblivion (2144)

Oblivion (2144) is a historical comic booklet which deals with actual events of said year, involving treachery within Info Direkt and its hostile debtors, Gullstäutarna Handelsmannagille. Its back feature an advertisment for Stråla Brännarna, following a deal struck with Diesel.

Public Download (PDF)

Lion Hunt (2147)

Lion Hunt (2147) is a historical comic booklet which deals with actual events of said year, involving a whirlwind of lies and desinformation culminating in the lynching of Captain Leo. Commonly known as the infamous Lion Hunt of 2147. HKM denies any connection to said events, and further denies all rumours about Jonas Hjortkloe and a mutant brothel.

Public download (PDF)

Steam Roller (2148)

Steam Roller (2148) is a historical comic booklet which deals with actual events of said year, involving French battlefield feints in the mercenary service of Kumla, as well as bold-faced treachery. Its back feature an advertisment for using HKM Comics as toilet paper, sporting Jonas Hjortkloe.

Public download (PDF)

Faction & Company Relations

Allied & Cordial Factions

Neutral & Ambivalent Factions

Hostile & Unfriendly Factions