Info Direkt

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Info Direkt
Förnämlig information till förmånliga priser
Type Spy bureau & money laundering front
Branch Information
Owner Direktör Morten von Müller
Employees Attall, Erik Asbester, Konduktör Én
Clients Hjortkloe Manufaktur (HKM)
Disappeared 2144
Out of Game

Morten von Müller, Direktör of Info Direkt (2144). Photo by Malte Rohlin
Attall of the Dukhi Tribe, scout of Info Direkt (2144). Rightmost photo by Niklas Sandström
Advertising for the opening of Info Direkt's office in Stråssa (2144).
Erik Asbester, alias Flugan, a failed coccoon mutant courier of Info Direkt (2144).
Konduktör Én of the Conductor Tribe, courier of Info Direkt turned infamous bandit (2144). Upper middle photo by Cajsa Lithell, upper right photo by Mattis Jackas

Info Direkt was an information and investigation bureau run by Direktör Morten von Müller, who had made a living off trading information in rural backwaters for years before his hunt for fortune in 2144 brought him to Lovisagruvan in Stråssa. Here, his career and presumably also his life ended the same year.

Morten von Muller thoroughly advertised the opening of his office and hired three employees: The loyal scout Attall of the Dukhi Tribe; the failed mutant courier Erik Asbester from a fishing village outside the ruins of Krylbo; and the hardworking traitor courier Konduktör Én of the Conductor Tribe of the triple-tribal union of Tåget from industrial Rälsa-Krylbo. Info Direkt was hired by Hjortkloe Manufaktur to spy on Red Peoples Front, KÅP and the Chaosists, which was carried out by Konduktör Én (who also leaked information of this espionage mission to the target factions).

Yet business was lacklustre until von Müller struck it rich by turning Info Direkt into a front for money laundering.

The constant betrayal of Konduktör Én was not uncovered until very late, when the bastard had already disappeared. Info Direkt unearthed increasingly more lucrative and sensitive pieces of information, until it overreached grossly when von Müller interviewed a defector from the Water Federation and uncovered sensational secrets. Direktören tried to cover his tracks, yet the Water Federation managed to find him, and undo him. The fate of von Müller is unknown, but he has not been heard of since 2144. We can only hope that he is long dead by now.

Murky rumours claim that Info Direkt is still operational, dishing out heinous desinformation and dealing with false wanted posters, false propaganda and character murder through the power of (des)information. The 2147 massacre of Svarta Svärden in a crater, at the hands of Pappas Pistoler and Kumlamilisen following false posters to the detriment of Pappa, was allegedly the result of Info Direkt's work.

Believe what you will, but information remains the most valuable commodity in the scheming wasteland...


Strålande tider!

Förnämlig information till förmånliga priser!

Leaked Archive Documents of Info Direkt

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HKM Comic: Oblivion (2144)

Oblivion (2144) is a historical comic booklet, printed by Hjortkloe Manufaktur, which deals with actual events of said year, involving treachery within Info Direkt and its hostile debtors, Gullstäutarna Handelsmannagille. Its back feature an advertisment for Stråla Brännarna, following a deal struck with Diesel.

Public Download (PDF)