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Jonas Hjortkloe leading his retinue into battle in Stråssa (2145). Photo by Quirk Herman Langland at Bigpicturelarping
Jonas Hjortkloe conversing with the unwashed masses in Stråssa slums (2145). Photo by Axel Arkstål
Jonas Hjortkloe leading his expedition in rough terrain outside of Stråssa (2145). Photo by Axel Arkstål
Jonas Hjortkloe at party in The Holy Church's Casino in Stråssa (2145). Photo by Quirk Herman Langland at Bigpicturelarping
Jonas Hjortkloe in the favela of Stråssa (2145). Photo by Axel Arkstål
One of Jonas' specialists during his expedition to Närke (2145). Photo by Axel Arkstål
Jonas Hjortkloe partying with Pang i Bygget inside the camp of the Red Peoples Front. (2147). Photo by Niklas Sandström
Hjortkloe Manufaktur's investigation into Info Direkt
The infamous lying document from the archives of Info Direkt, that set off the false rumour of the mutant brothel.
No champagne for the unwashed underclass in Stråssa, by order of Jonas Hjortkloe (2148). Photo by Klara Larsson

Eldest son of Greger Hjortkloe and heir of Hjortkloe Manufaktur and member of its Board of Directors. A commonly hated figure in Stråssa, renowned for his boundless arrogance and insufferable ways. A complete brat from Progresse, New Västervik. His conduct proved his own worst enemy; he himself being the greatest obstacle to attaining the success he sought.

Returning home from Stråssa in the year 2144, company heir Jonas Hjortkloe, gathered a band of faction members, loyalists, and specialists to begin an expedition back to the old Örebro County in order to increase his contribution to the company, and assert his power as heir over the board. This expedition in 2145, however, proved to be a failure despite robust funding, and the conduct of the Hjortkloe force (and of Jonas in particular) earned them infamy and the enmity of most people in Stråssa. Jonas' own decisions proved a decisive factor, for he rejected hiring the ever-victorious German mercenaries of Techno-Korps Lindemann because of their high price, and consequently lost out in the vicious struggle for supremacy. Jonas has since scorned Stråssa and directed his efforts elsewhere, although HKM has maintained an undercover presence in Stråssa thanks to its operative agent, and has likewise sported a media presence thanks to the efforts of Beatrice the blogger.

Rather Dead than Red

Nurturing a hatred of the Reds, in 2144 Jonas employed Info Direkt to spy on KÅP, the Chaosists and Red Peoples Front. Fortunately, the investigation showed that these ideologically related factions were not at all collaborating with each other. That same year, Jonas Hjortkloe was captured by the Red Peoples Front and suffered through the travails of vodka torture.

Strangely, however, in 2147 he seems to have participated in a party staged by Pang i Bygget in the camp of the Red Peoples Front.

Rumour of the Mutant Brothel

In 2146, a nasty rumour started to circulate about Jonas Hjortkloe having visited a mutant brothel (and then slain the employees of said establishment) back in 2144, following his captivity at the hands of Krasny Narodny Front. Apparently a shady character handed over a copy of a spy document from Info Direkt's archive and bribed the barmaid in Sinterverket to talk loosely about this false matter. Fortunately, Security Guard Konduktör Én worked diligently in 2147 to fervently deny that any such mutant brothel visit had ever occured (thereby unwittingly spreading the rumour further), by gifting people on the street free apples from the greenhouses of Progresse, and by informing the public via Radio Active.

Hjortkloe Manufaktur strongly denies this rumour.

Miscellaneous Prints

HKM Publishing House released an HKM Comics advertisment poster in 2149, featuring its owner Jonas Hjortkloe.

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