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KÅP (Short for Kåperativet, The Cooperative)
A logo fit for a king of kaps
Fredagsmys åt Folket!
Members An extended family of about 15
Motto MedMera!
Agenda More and better business
Nemesis Icander and all his brood
Out of Game
Status Very active, thank you
Contact jenny_yona@yahoo.se / pepparormen@gmail.com

KÅP is a super capitalistic clan of merchants wich has its origin in a grocery shop in the pre apoclyptic Grängesberg, Sweden. The closer civilization came to an end the rougher the means to keep the store open got. Armed cashiers, bartering, and ruthless take-overs of other businesses became part of the everyday struggle. When the collapse finaly came the employees were already tightly knit together and ready to take on a world where survival is for the fittest. In about 82 years ago Grängesberg started to crumble in on itself due to extensive mining below the city. KÅP saw the opportunity to ”get out of Dodge” and relocate. Today none of KÅP's members have a clear picture of the time in Grängesberg, or the original store, but lingers instead in some kind of fairytale story about the early days. KÅP has travelled through Scandinavia over the years, selling their goods and services wherever economical growth is on the rising. About 20 years ago KÅPs main storage was burnt to the ground in an obvious case of arson. The arsonists are yet to be found.

Recent to now

For seven years KÅP has had its residence east beyond the grassy slope known as KÅP Hill, in Outpost Valkyrie. The clan is thriving and has become an institution in the society stimulating the growing economy via its goods and services such as trade, health care, weapons care, Kickans Café (wich offers fresh, mostly rad free nibbles of delicacies, coffee, tea and the drinks Kåla and Blå) and of course drug dispensing.

The previous years has been turbulent with a heavy shoot out that took place at KÅP Hill between KÅP and Cybercom. There are rumors going around about the malicious attack from Cybercom. Unpaid debts, quarrel between siblings some sort of attempt at a hostile take over are the most common ones. Some members of KÅP and Cybercom got severely wounded. The "disagreement" between KÅP and Cybercom just got worse after this.

One member of KÅP was seen leaving the Outpost right before dawn just days after the attack. It is unclear if this has any connection the hostilities. KÅP involved Tre Lingon to find this member, but without any luck.

One night almost four years ago an big explosion occurred at KÅP Nära that rendered the service station totally useless. The fuel depot lit up the sky as of thousands of flashlights and has been said to have been seen even as far as Apocalypso bar. There has been no attempt to rebuild since the service technician, Konduktörn have been lost since that fateful night. KÅP suspected Posten for this explosion.

Two years ago KÅP found a nuclear bomb with help of Maskinhundarna outside the outpost. With help of Nova they disarmed the bomb. But were is the bomb now? Rumors says that they have sold it. Other rumors says that KÅP is a part of Cybercom. CyberKÅP? Some people say they have seen KÅP and Cybercom cooperate last year. They held Kaja back when KÅP and Nova disarmed the bomb. It looked like they were protecting her from someone.

The recent years has seen favourable times as well. The growing outpost has secured a steady influx of goods and caps and KÅP buying and selling to who ever comes by has made a good profit.

KÅP's jouney from Grängesberg to Outpost Valkyrie has been long and winding but it has led to the realization that it is you the customer who is most important and that you are certainly going to pay for that importance.


KÅP is based around a flat organisation where every member has a special hobby wich serves as their personal expertise such as general maintenance, books, flashlights, coocoo clocks and ammunition but everyone in KÅP is skilled in the finer arts of trade and every trader is armed. KÅP is delighted to close exclusive deals with bigger or smaller organizations but will trade with anyone. Once in a while KÅP proceeds to accept new members into their clan. The newcomer then must undergo a trial period before they are to be considered full members. During that time they will be scrutinized thoroughly by some of the older members of the clan.


The symbol of KÅP is a lemniscate (it can be described as an eight on its side or the sign of eternity) and it is carried by all members of KÅP, on their body, clothes or equipment. All members have names beginning with the letter K.

Infinity black.png


Kaja - Expert on perishables, with a hot temper who quickly turns from laughing to firing a gun
Kapps - Knows most about everything about guns and ammo. Indulges in some hacking
Kalven - Barber Surgeon with most sincere intensions
Karp - Prospector with a knack for finding heaps of scrap
Kusken - Interested in flashlights and smaller motors. Will do most about anything for a sale

Not attending
Kålan - Collecting all kind of information, small and big secrets. KÅPs newest member
Karies - KÅPs newly acquired dentist, collecting others teeth
Kokos - Writer
Korp - Head of Kickans Café
Krax - A practical chemist with a nose for olden concoctions
Kanna - Commercial specialist with a happy mindset and a flavour for history
Koppen - A soul that lives for the acrid smell of old and mouldy books
Konduktörn - A black thumb and a chauffeur with a heart of gold
Kappál - Personal Shopper from out of town
Kenneth - High frequency trader with a knack for electronics. Live fast, sell fast
Kråcken - A master of documents (yes it's forgery) with a happy attitude
Kippis - Barber surgeon with a keen sense for drugs. Highly self medicating