Krimskrams Resande Magasin & Byteshandel (KRMB)

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Agenda Accrue capital
By Means Of Trade and thievery
Please Try Our wonderful cocktails!
And Then Give us all your valuables
Out of Game
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Knick-knack’s Traveling Magazine & Exchange Trade (Krimskrams Resande Magasin & Byteshandel, KRMB) is a traveling trading store run by the sisters Katten (the cat) and Sigurna "Siggy". They feed on selling things they’ve found in the wilderness or things they’ve got by exchanging things. They also have a cocktail they sell and like to mingle with their customers.


The sisters have traveled around in the wastelands and sold some useful things (but mostly unuseful things) for quite some time. At a certain point there were other members of their company, but due to some minor circumstances (conflicts) and some trouble along the road they are sadly no longer with them. They’ve made a living by there butique, but only barely. They’ve struggled at times and the difficult lifestyle has made some significant marks on them both.


The sisters have decided to come to Stråssa to make some money of the habitants of the town. They will trick and they will bargain, they will deceive you and get you drunk. But no worries, they are no great fights men, only thieving dodgers.


Sigurna “Siggy”: Sigurna, or Siggy as she likes to be called, is often perceived as a nice person, but with a second glance it becomes rather clear that she is not quite what she seems to be. In reality, Siggy is this very selfish and sly type of being, making all of her choices based on her benefits. She also has a suspicious mind, often accusing customers of thieving around her valuables, (random junk), and tries to keep a close eye on strangers when they approach herself or her sister Katten. She likes to smoke and drink occasionally, she also likes to sell items for (un)reasonable prices. Siggy has some minor body mutations. Some extra or boosted body parts. Large ears, long nails and a tail dragging behind her. Some would call her a rat, but she absolutely hates being referred to as such. Siggy isn't very dangerous, but she is known to lose her temper rather easily when insulted and once she is driven to that point, anything could happen. Her relationship with her sister is the most long lasting relationship she has ever had considering everyone else she knew for a long time are dead, therefore she values their bond and tries to guide and look out for her idiot addict sister as much as possible, even if it involves doing something considered mean.

Kallas Katten: Katten has since long forgotten her real name, and so has her sister Siggy. But she has been called Katten (the cat) since she can remember, so that’s the name she answers to. Katten is a self medicating, high drunk. Her life goal is to be high all the time, but because of the business situation that lifestyle is far fetched. Katten is also a self proclaimed artist. She paints drawings with cowl, to others they are quite abstract, but to her the drawings are obvious motifs and the resemblance of the painted objects are striking. Katten is not a dangerous person, but she can be deceiving while making a deal, not as deceiving as her sister though. While drunk and/or high she can be quite dangerous if she thinks there is a shooting or war going on. Although she rarely hits her target. Katten and her sister have had some fights about the business and the fact that Katten is trading off all her good items for drugs. But they get along quite well, now that Katten is doing her business in secret.

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