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Le Arte Finito
Gallery Sign
- Art to unite and enlighten the wasteland -
Members 4 ....for now
Main income Trading art
Searches for Aspiring Artists
Home currently Stråssa
Out of Game
IRL Counterpart Sthlm
Contact leartefinito@emanu.se

"We were born into poverty and dirt like you, but fortune showed us the arts, and it has made us not only economically wealthy, but spiritually. We will show you the treasures of the old world, and let the appreciation of the arts unite the world yet again in artistic marvel."


Once, two orphans lived in the ruins of the gigantic mall called "Knalleland" outside the place formerly known as Borås. They did not know where they parents were, if they had any names, or really nothing except the daily struggle, looting through the trash for something edible, trapping rats and licking lichen off the walls.

One fateful day while doing some especially intense rummaging, the floor gave way beneath the siblings and they fell into... a paradise. A palace lined wall to wall with art and golden frames, posters of lost places and galleries, books detailing the world of ART. The place was called Gallerix, and their world changed forever. Inspired by reading about the art of the old world, they took the surname Von Passepartout, and called themselves Ludwig and Blanchefleur Bartholomea. Convinced that this thing called art would be the thing that could bring the world together, they set out to spread the gospel and collect all matters of artistic expression throughout the wasteland. They do this through their mobile gallery concept "Le Arte Finito", and the turn has come for Stråssa to be blessed by the gift of art.

The Travels

Obsessed by art, Ludwig and Blanchefleur have travelled the wasteland, from digging up old artifacts in Dukhi-lands to hiding from panzerwolves in the frozen wastes of the north. Once, they were captured by a family of cannibals. The fear soon gave way to fascination of their outsider art lifestyle, and once they started eating Ludwigs arm and Blanchefleurs leg the siblings appreciated it for a raw display of performance art. They stumbled away from the experience, stunned from not only blood loss but from the intense artistic display. They found another artist soon there after, a abandonded red robot living in a trash heap, who helped them replace the lost limbs with old industrial robot limbs.

One could say it was a performance that cost them an arm and a leg.

They have on their travels recruited a brutal security expert with an eye for mechanical art, and a weird mutant with certain... art-friendly mutations.

Finding Friends: A4 and Kautschuk

Kautschuk lived a relatively serene life in one of the outposts, where she lived with her parents and made a living as a mechanic. During an attack on the outpost, a nearby explosion sent a shelf of tools crashing down upon her, and a crowbar striking her square in the head. Waking up with a massive headache and severe amnesia, she found the outpost abandonded and herself alone. In a fuzzy state of mind, she stayed at the only place she knew, her workshop. She lived there off the hidden stash of food and water she and her parents had collected, keeping to herself and hiding away from any wanderers coming near, until one day, a curious creature, covered in boils and cowering, came to her workshop. Terrified, she attacked the mutant with the closest weapon nearby, a spoon. The mutant swiftly disarmed Kautschuk and bend the spoon seemingly with her mind. Impressed, Kaut started conversation with the being, and they soon became friends. Convinced by A4 the mutant to set out, they started their travels towards the (in)famous Stråssa.

The mutant now known as A4 grew up in a landfill, scavenging with a group of other kids. One day some men came to the landfill and wanted the children to follow them. A4 gladly joined them, hoping for someone to take care of her finally. The men had other plans however, and she underwent horrible experiments in their lab. Years of cruel experiments resulted in painful disfigurement and a shattered mind, and she could now only remember her serial number, A4, instead of her name. Her body has sprouted fluid-filled blisters and boils all over her body, which when punctured produce various colours of pus. When the lab was attacked, A4 took the opportunity and fled. She still wonders if the cruel doctors survived, however, and has recurring nightmares and flashbacks to her time in the lab. She now searches the wasteland for clues to the fate of the doctor, and has heard rumours about other mutants near Stråssa who might have a lead to discovering the truth about her trauma. During her journey A4 enjoys collecting trinkets she sees as art, as well as impulses to make "the red paint flow." The von Passepartout siblings try to encourage the first, but not the second.

After joining up, Kautschuk and A4 encountered the Von Passepartout siblings, and they were immediatly enamoured with the mechanic who could make art out of scrap metal and the mutant whom they saw as a biological piece of art. Deciding to join up, Kautschuk was named head of security aswell as general maintenance person. She is now responsible for the intricate security systems that keep the art safe at night from aspiring art thieves. A4 is kept around as a resident artist of sorts, getting her own little corner to set up her little nest of discarded toys and playthings, aswell as being used as a recurring performance piece where someone paints a painting using the many-colored pus from her boils.

Services and goals

Le Arte Finito aims to set up shop in Stråssa to display what they deem art, be it old technology as an allegory for the lost world, or naivistic paintings made with your enemies brain matter. Everyone is welcome and most things are art. Le Arte Finito also trades in art, be it something you want to sell or something you want to aquire for your own collection.

There are rumors that Le Arte Finito also liberates objects they think is art thats not suitably appreciated by their owners, but the siblings would deny this vehemently.

A selection of art pieces

A selection of art pieces currently on display in the Stråssa incarnation of Le Arte Finito

An Arm & a Leg - Ludwig and Blanchefleurs actual arm and leg remnants after the cannibal "performance".

Dukhi Jezail - A long rifle crafted by the Dukhi and found in an old ruin. Sometimes hung on the wall, sometimes used by Blanchefleur as self defense.

The Smoking man - Ancient painting of a man in a weird puffy hat smoking a pipe. According to Ludwig, a prime example of the Hötorg movement.

Knife Shoe - An old shoe with a blade attached to the underside, thought to be used in street fights. Marked JOFA and might have some relevance to Jofamiljen.

XX9 sign - A huge sign made from a mysterious clear crystalline material, spelling out the acronym XX9. Some artefact from ancient military experiments?

Castor sign - A roughly made sign with a skull, reading CASTOR. A remnant of raiders? An allegory of the brutal history of the apocalypse?

Disrespected cartoon - A painting of a cartoon dog with the eyes blacked out - a commentary on old capitalist culture?

Mustaschioed man - A painting of a man with a moustasche. Has some resemblance to Långe-John of the Vrederberg family.

Remnants of an old mural - Pieces of a shattered mural from the 1990s. A colorful tribute to the old way of life.

Self-portrait with Commander - A self-portrait made by a red robot Ludwig and Blanchefleur encountered. Portrays a red robot standing besides what looks like a man in some kind of huge white protective suit.


Ludwig von Passepartout - Gallery owner/founder. Ludwig is quite a pretentious fop and loves to come across as more educated than he is. He has a kind heart however and his only real interest is spreading his conviction that art will unite the world and stand by his sister, Blanchefleur. He hides his deep-rooted fear that his conviction is wrong behind a posh dialect and a smattering of -isms...

Blanchefleur Bartholomea von Passepartout - Gallery owner/founder

Kautschuk - Gallery Security/maintenance/protection

A4 - Resident artist and weird biological mutant

Heart of Gullgaukn. Photo by Malak Shaloon

Heart of Gullgaukn

In 2145, Gullgaukn of Gullstäutar Handelsmannagille (the prophet of Gutaland) underwent a heart replacement at the hands of CyberCom. Yet their faulty technology failed to keep blood pressure up and did not respond to the needs of the patient, leading to a buildup in cardiac problems which eventually would result in the heart blowing up or melting down. Malak Shaloon of ARS&e Mechanics was called in help Gullgaukn, yet found herself halted by CyberCom guards. Malak ordered her bots to intrude and claimed the heart by main force. The heart of Gullgaukn was subsequently donated to Le Arte Finito in 2146, where it was displayed in their art gallery as a of CyberCom's work and hindrance of ARS&e. The heart was later stolen, and eventually given to Captain Leo.

The following pages are extracted from Malak's Book of Knowledge: