Locomotive Engineer Tribe

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Symbol of Tåget.

One of three tribes in the oligarchic triple-tribal union of Tåget, living in Rälsa-Krylbo. The Locomotive Engineers are the dominant tribe, the priestly technocratic leadership of Tåget who fuels it with grand vision and religious cohesion, as well as presents the plans for its daring undertakings such as the Artery and the Thundering Grand Train. These techno-theocrats lords it over the Cult of The Locomotive Force.

Known Members

The Great Engine Driver, unitor of the three tribes and saviour of the people of Rälsa-Krylbo that would coalesce into Tåget.

Högste Tunnelbanemästrinna Arikea Bergdrägg, who launched the plans for the Thundering Grand Train.

Förste Ballastöversittare Pumpvett, who travelled to Stråssa in 2148 to sell shares in the Thundering Grand Train.