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MRT-10 / Mech Repair Team - 10
There is no place like home
One fire fights one fire.
Population About 2500
Government Tribal
Techlevel Pre-disaster High-tech
Trade Knowledge, repairs, manpower, bullets
Out of Game
IRL Counterpart Malmö
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MRT-10 (Mech Repair Team - 10)

There is no place like home

We won't reveal our ailments, and what haunts our sleep nightly

In this tiny little world, we've locked ourselves in so tightly

And the dead stand between us like wreaths and the people we've abandoned,

The life, we've surrendered to the streams.

O Rhodesia, I've given you my all

And now, I'm nothing

I'm nothing, I'm nothing, I'm nothing, I'm nothing

One fire fights one fire

One nail one nail

Rights by rights falter

Strengths by strengths do fail

All that's left now are dreams of kings we've murdered to dissect

For our meddling intellect misshapes the beauteous forms of things

So, we bleat a little, twist a little, rotting in the belly of the beast, while you feel

You cannot be wrong

O Rhodesia, I've given you my all

And now, I'm nothing

I'm nothing, I'm nothing, I'm nothing, I'm nothing

One fire fights one fire

One nail one nail

Rights by rights falter

Strengths by strengths do fail

-One Fire- Passage to Rhodesia - Rome


The mechwarriors are highly skilled soldiers

Originated from the South Africa or to be more exact, New Rhodesia (former Zimbabwe), they are descendants from the origin crew of the mighty mechwarrior units that fought in the Reformed Boer wars.

In 2044 when disaster struck, the government of Zimbabwe tried their best to keep the white minority at bay. The rich white minority bought arms and equipment from all over the world and brought large amounts of private military contracting units into their estates. A preoccupied UN could not intervene and the civil war was a fact. After a few months of hard fighting, the Zimbabwe army capitulated and a new government was formed. Zimbabwe was transformed into New Rhodesia and a white totalitarian government was formed. After the civil war, the indigenous people living in New Rhodesia was stripped of their right to vote and to own land. All was divided by their new white masters.

Enriched by their new land, the government of New Rhodesia, started to buy in new military equipment and new troops. They turned to an old ally, Sweden and their lax weapons export. The contract went to BAE Systems of Sweden, who just recently had developed and field tested their new mechwarrior project. BAE Systems had supplied both Pakistan and India with their new mechwarriors and the first trial runs where a great success.

A first order of 200 fully operational battlemechs and ground support crew was shipped, just under a year after the reinstated New Rhodesia. After that the government of New Rhodesia set their eyes on their neighbour to the south.

The war in South Africa was a long and disastrous one. South African government had also made a large order of mechwarriors from BAE Systems.

After several years of intensive fighting the resources to keep on fighting with the mechwarriors was depleted on both sides. The last mechwarriors now all stood still in a devastated landscape forever silent, forever still.

And the supply crews and pilots stayed with them, fully aware of the disaster that the rest of the world where engulfed in. The war had ended for them but kept raging outside of their encampments.

Years passed, the mech´s stood there still, like ancient reminders of the technology that was. The never ending raids from passing raiders and other unwanted elements kept the crews at their feet, always prepared for a fight, always keeping them on their toes.

Two generations passed. Knowledge of the old world and the mechwarriror and its code was passed on through the generations.

MRT-10 are now the grandchildren of the first mechwarrior ground crew.

The Team

Loods -

At 40 years old, he is the group's unspoken leader. Trained by his parents as a Mechwarrior and with the training, he carries the status it brings. He is the group's soldier and warrior, and also the one who stands at the front of a possible conflict. Fearless bordering on stupid, but also a tactician who knows how and where to be to get the upper hand in a battle.

As a hopeless romantic and gambler makes him more often to be found in various bars, playing or flirting with what ever he cares for that night.

Smeer -

Mechanic and the group's "fixer". 34 years old, calm like the ocean but can explode on things without any warning or reason ... He likes technological gadgets and loves broken stuff that needs fixing.

Droom -

Hunter, system engineer and computer expert. The first who campaigned for the trip to Sweden, so he puts a little too much of personal prestige for them to succeed on their mission. Dreaming of getting access to more cybertech implants, in order to reach a "higher consciousness in harmony with the machine." Is therefore willing to try anything that might help him achieve "their full potential," though it may be harmful to the community in general.


A mechwarrior resting on her silent mech
Home -

The BAE was a large and widespread community at the time. Mustering almost 600 families, a total of around 2500 individuals. Living amongst the broken down mech´s, in camps around their feet and tents hanging from their broken arms and cannons.

Living of the land, the vast jungle slowly creeping up on their old battlefield. Looking out over the vast glass desert, created by the nuclear weapons that devastated their opposing forces as a final desperate act from their old commanders.

The camp spreads over an area of several miles, the mech´s silhouettes to be seen far far away as empty reminders of the past.

The Journey

One mysterious day when Droom, Smeer and Loods where fiddling around in one of the mech´s. Smeer was tampering with an old power conductor and a flashlight to get the onboard sound system to work, Lods was seated in the pilot seat fantasising about the old days and Droom was fiddling about with the onboard targeting system, trying to figure out where to place his newly acquired hacker deck.

Suddenly, through some mechanical fluke or other unknown reason the mech jumped to life. The computers started buzzing and controls lit up like the star filled sky. Servos and engines roared and shook the tent that was built upon its broken down 120mm autocannon to the ground.

Droom was thrown into some strange coma. As soon as the mech came alive, it died down again. Leaving Droom unreachable on the cockpit floor.

It took several days until Droom awoke. Leaving him rambling about what he had experienced in that fateful moment the mech came alive.

He told stories about how he connected with the mech´s AI and was plummeted into a vast sea of information about the mech´s origin and their specifications. Using his information, he and the elders, started to analyze the mech´s and started to plan the final journey. The last resort to repair and reactivate the vast machinepark from beyond.

The journey was planned. We should set sail for Sweden. For the main manufacturing plant for the mech´s. BAE Systems in Karlskoga, Sweden.

All was musterd, all vehicles, all the food and all the supplies that could be spared. Our journey was calculated to be over in a year, returning to our home with the powercore´s and spare parts needed to start up our old gods.

That was 6 years ago. Now we are here.

We arrived. Many have died. Many have been lost.

From inside the plant at BAE Systems in Karlskoga

We found our goal. BAE Systems in Karlskoga.

We raided the heavily fortified plant with all its old automatic defence systems still active.

We didn't find what we needed.

But we did find a map. A map with places where the different spareparts were installed or stored.

The map just lead us to “The Sinterplant”.

What is a Mech?

A mechwarrior on lookout from the top off her silent mech

The Mech is a highly sophistical battlerobot, piloted by a single pilot. A form of gigantic battlesuit.

Mech´s was developed and built by BAE Systems in Sweden in 2029 and field tested in the “Battle of Shakar Ghar” in Pakistan, where Indian troopers and Pakistani Mechwarriors for the first time took the battle droids into battle.

All BAE mech´s are now scrapmetal. The idea of them ever starting up again is quite imposturous and probably just a pipedream. But still, it's a dream that keeps the men and women from BAE in the Polokwane glass desert alive. A dream that someday, they will use their droids to conquer the remnants of the southern parts of Africa under their rule.