Mossgrove Munitions

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Mossgrove Munitions is a morally ambiguous caravan company. They operate chiefly along the trade routs in the southern parts of xEurope and xScandinavia but have been seen pushing their carts further and further north.


Mossgrove Munitions had their humble beginnings as gunrunners in the early 2120s. They made it big in the Water Wars, invested their fortune in the caravan trade and have not looked back since.


Mossgrove Munitions' founder and undisputed leader is one Montgomery Mossgrove. He is not known to be a fair man, but he is known to pay very well. Of course, no one outside Montgomery's inner circle seems to stay on the payroll for long.


Mossgrove Munitions prides themselves on the fact that they can and will transport anything a customer is willing to pay for. And they do mean anything.