Omega 13

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Omega 13
We ain't the kind to turn away from a fight
Pew pew
Members Unknown
Main income Wrex, drugs and rock'n'roll
Secondary income Taking names
Rule Structured anarchy
Home Here, there and everywhere

Wreck with Omega!

Omega, what about them?
They never grow up. Ever.
And even if they kind of do they still do whatever they feel like.

Structured anarchy, escapism, party, bbq and comfort in the post apocalyptic wasteland.

If you’ve ever met Omega you know them by their tight knit-groups and their own customs and language. The members all do their part in the group’s thriving, they keep up the Omega lifestyle and they are fiercly loyal towards each other.

In the wasteland they are known as couriers, drug dealers, scrappers, explorers or mercenaries. The group that keep a base of operations close to Sinterverket are known for being skillful mercenaries and couriers. Now they also seem to have joined the wrecking game...

Apparently they call their place at Sinterverket Epsilon 87.
They seem to have a thing for numbers. And colours. And they've got style....

The Omegas YOU can meet in the year 2147 (2018)

Number Name Colour
04 Devi Yellow
09 Stix Orange
22 Andrej Dark Red
27 Mira Turquoise
37 Nyx Green
42 Max Blue
47 Red Red
53 Gab Purple
751 Cash Pink
49 Bez Beige

more about Omega 13

Come join the party in the dust and the sand
Chip on your shoulder sweat and dirt on your hands
Machines in slumber start to lumber outside
Head full of numbers see the colors collide

Such safest Sanctuary
Droppin' them dollars on you thank you very
Much by the way no refunds
Back into the boneyard badlands we run

I saw a siren singing
Shifting through the shots-a ringing
Frying burning cuts-a stinging
Bringing you the pain

Come on down and join the party tonight
We ain't the kind to turn away from a fight
Chips on our shoulders, sweat and dirt on our hands
Cause we're breaking down the borders
As we light up the lands