Pappas Pistoler

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Pappas Pistoler
The armed is king in a world with no food
Members 10~100
Affiliates 500?
Occupation Firearms manufacture and distribution
Other sources of income Extortion, robbery, racketeering, hostage-taking, counterfeiting, sale of synthetics and other baubles
Location(s) Stråssa / Södermanland
Out of LARP (2018)
Active Yes
Contact Currently in-LARP only

Pappas Pistoler is a gun-running and manufacturing group of bandits operating in the Stråssa-region and greater northern territories. A close-fitted throng of ne’er-do-wells, they are bound together by a law of might makes right and organized hierarchically according to firepower. Their leader is colloquially referred to as ‘Pappa’, a position that over time has matured to boast a near-zealous personal cult within the group.


Main article: History of Pappas Pistoler

The exact origins of Pappas Pistoler are much disputed, but members of the group claim its existence predates the nuclear holocaust of 2044. The roots of the group are thought to be intertwined with those of a comparatively humble local motor vehicle enthusiasts social club from Södermanland, today only remembered as Pappas MC. The present-day organization gravitates around its leader, ‘Pappa’, a figure sometimes instilled with next-to mythical attributes.

Since their arrival in Stråssa, the bandit-gang has gained steady notoriety selling makeshift firearms of all shapes and sizes, as well as from their involvement in blackmail, racketeering and the sale of high-volatility perishables. As a further contribution to infamy, the membership trials every new recruit must endure have been observed as unusually arduous, reputedly having resulted in the coining of the phrase “you’re in if you survive.”

Though no clear governing tenets aside from a fondness for armature seems to exist within Pappas Pistoler, a grueling bond of solidarity has nevertheless been observed in a number of members. Conversely, however, members that have expressed a wish to exit the organization since its establishment in Stråssa have rarely ever been heard from again. Responses to prompts about these vanished personae have come in different shapes, either as threats of violence should closer attention be paid or as assurances that the concerned is alive and healthy but sent to labor in the crew’s private weapons assembly line, the location of which remains undisclosed.

'Pappas’ Weapons Store & “Factory”

'Pappas Pistoler', as the small store was first established in 2141

The small store run from Pappas Pistoler’s lot in Stråssa shares a name with the group itself and specializes primarily in selling make-shift guns and firearms of varying sizes. The store can periodically also offer other merchandise, ranging from relics and items procured and plundered to compounds and gadgets synthesized or built within the walls of the settlement (or alternatively at the location of their much-rumored weapons workshop). The store is rarely deserted, as weapons are always in high demand in Stråssa.

Information about the locale in which the weapons Pappas Pistoler sells are manufactured and assembled is scarce, the main result of which has mostly been speculation. It is likely that the location is kept a secret as a means for the group to consolidate power in Stråssa, knowledge of it remaining strictly with ‘Pappa’ himself and possibly a few of his closest trustees, should any such exist at a given time. Between hints and information gleaned from careless members and elsewhere it has been suggested that the “factory” can even be dismantled and moved at some notice, but this theory is not been in fact.

Common components of the ordnance up for auction are rusted pipe, aluminum cans, wire, screws, nails, even plastic and adhesive tape

The quality of the weapons and merchandise offered up for sale in their make-shift store suggests scaled down conditions of production, as do the components. A certain degree of risk has furthermore been cautioned in the use of some weapons, ammunition and products purchased from ‘Pappas’, but exactly what marks these items as different from other ones that are not defunct is not entirely clear.

The uncertain level of substantive skill in weapons manufacture within the group is betrayed by the frequent rate with which their weapons are discarded by others or scrapped for parts, rather than repaired. Despite this, there has on occasion been the odd member known to be willing to try their hand at rudimentary repairs and quick-fixes.

Membership & Hired Muscle

In-house fighting is a frequent occurrence in 'Pappas Pistoler', though usually not in such an appropriate forum (photo: Bigpicturelarping)

Membership in Pappas Pistoler can only ever be issued by ‘Pappa’ himself. All known accounts of the process itself, though admittedly scattered and non-cohesive, are unanimous on one point only - the most important task of the initiation process is perhaps also its most obvious: to impress ‘Pappa.’ There is much to be gained from achieving a membership, among the perks of surviving the trials are influence, extensive access to weapons and ammunition, and a lifelong sense of belonging.

It is not unheard of for Pappas Pistoler to keep mercenaries on their payroll for everything between day-to-day affairs to larger scale offensives against rival factions. This is a path most often enjoyed by individuals or smaller groups of fortune-seekers, scavengers, brain and brawn in their pursuit of wealth or infamy; when fighting alone isn’t an option but a measure of independence is still key.


'Pappa', ca. 2142

Upon learning of Stråssa, ‘Pappa’ ostensibly recognized he had found an unclaimed gold mine. Following this, it did not take him many months to hand-pick an eclectic mix of enforcers and lieutenants and lead one of his arms-caravans north. He was last sighted personally participating in the ongoing establishment of his Stråssa weapons store, first opened for business in 2141.

If any one catalyst exists for ‘Pappas’ decision to divert his operations from Södermanland to the city and privately attend to the enterprise, it has not been made public knowledge. In recognition of the apparent importance of the location to ‘Pappa’, however, other group members of both minor and major caliber have reportedly begun appearing in the regions surrounding the city.

Judging from the amalgamation of several prominent rumors (all of which to some degree make mention of internal disaffection) it has been suggested as possible that ‘Pappa’ has relocated to Stråssa in order to contend with existing sentiments of insurgency in Södermanland. Such a shift has not occurred for some time in the organization but, as all of their known past leaders’ have seamlessly mantled the identity of their then-more-unrecognizable predecessor, usually both in mind and matter, further precision in this matter is occluded. Whether or not the conflict of interest is authentic, or if it will ever reach Stråssa, remains to be seen. The motives of the various other members of Pappas Pistoler, in the meantime, are better gathered from the diverse variety of more inconsequential hearsay that is circulating the city.

Rumors & Threats

'Pappa' and members holed up close to one of Stråssa's beacons, ca. 2143
They say they’ve been around since way-back-before, but there’s just no way that could be true – ‘Pappa’ would have to be over a hundred years old. That’s crazy… Right?

“I think this one’s been poisoned, those ***** must be lacing their bullets with something other than gunpowder. I won’t be able to help, unless you can get me some of their ammunition...

So Kalle Kofot is a part of YOUR crew? I’ll tell you right now, you better run straight to ’Pappa’ and get him to reel that savage in. If anyone else dies, I’ll be coming for you!

I’m telling you I saw him, the medic from 'Pappas', I saw him squatting - up on the Sinterplant! It looked like he was roosting or something. I could’ve sworn I heard him crow...

"There’s that one in a trench coat - STILL - does he never get any rest? This makes three days I’ve seen the guy standing guard in that exact spot, in that exact pose. Maybe he sleeps standing up? Is he even breathing?"

Oh, you don’t have any ca-a-aps... Tha-a-at’s what you’re trying to say. You’ve seen half-nose Tommy around though, haven’t you? Well he wasn’t always called that. Used to be called “Pretty” Tommy before he decided to come in here asking for a handout.

That junkie ‘Pappa’ calls his right hand, what’s his name? Dan? I wouldn’t trust him even for a second. He’s messed up, I once saw him guzzle down an entire bottle of T-Röd… Bastard didn’t even flinch.

I was stopped by this pile of grease I think was called Slisk when I was trying to come back into town – he forced me to pay five caps at gunpoint just to be let back in, like he runs the place!

Anybody else feel like getting personal with our stock?! If it’s a date you want we’ll set you up, the whole package, sparks and all, no problem. She’s a temperamental, this one - a real killer. No? Pfft! Nail up what’s left of that one on the wall, I don’t want for any of our "friends" to get the wrong idea.

One of them lugs around a tank with him of something he calls echo, sells it too apparently. I don’t know what it does to you, but there doesn’t seem to be much more than an echo of a brain left in his head.