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The Party / Partiet
not equal
The overman is the meaning of the earth
For an inhuman future.
Agenda Establish a global living space for overhumans.
Government The leader principle
Ideology Overhuman morphosocialism
Out of Game
"The shining soil is our birthright. Under these lead grey skies our people will decide their own fate! Rise, my comrades, and break your chains! Together we will march toward an inhuman future"
- Immanuel Viktor Vauk, First speaker

Partiet (The Party) is a totalitarian "mutants' rights activist" group, promoting the interests of disenfranchised mutants everywhere, and fighting the oppression imposed upon mutantkind by bio-normative humans.

The politics of The Party is based on the teachings of several great pre-Kali philosophers, like Magneto, Friedrich Nietzsche and the sociologist Charles Darwin.

Some foundational ideological concepts

  • Living-Time and Space: According to the party, Kali (2045) marks the end of the human era, and the so called "mutants" and "robots", are the rightful inheritors of the Earth. Thus, all humans are alien invaders in the living-time and space that rightly belong to post-human species.
  • Strength in diversity: Humans are, as we all know, interchangeable and homogenous. Overhumans are unique and gifted, with special skills that only they possess. The death of a human is merely a statistical event, since such beings are all alike and can be easily replaced. The loss of an overhuman, however, is a tragedy, and something has been lost that can never be truly regained.
  • Cultural revolution: The party sees the present society as radically anti-overhuman. Although the official policy of nearly every major group is that overhumans are equal, this is, according to The Party, a lie perpetuated by the human propaganda machine. This human-controlled world order is called Anthropocene, and The Party wants to bring this age to an end.
  • Against anthropocentrism: This world is created by humans, for humans. Every part of the society is shaped to fit human needs. In today's anthropocentric societies, overhumans are marginalised and rendered invisible, or they are objectified and reduced to a single function of utility. For example, humanity may see the value of an overhuman with night vision - when they want to see in the dark. But in cases where an overhuman's powers are not needed, they are made invisible. The Party wants to form a society that appreciates overhumans, not only for their function within society, but as unique and valuable individuals enjoying equal rights.
  • Populism and authoritarianism: The Party rejects all arbitrary, regulated and and unnatural forms of governance and law-making. Instead, leaders within the movement enjoy absolute authority within their area of command. In a world in rapid transformation, a formalised system of rules would only be a hinderance, and would stop leaders from making quick and efficient decisions to further the cause of The Party.
  • Support for grass root initiatives: The Party appreciates and supports grass root initiatives. However, not every act of pro-overhuman activism can enjoy the official support by The Party. For example, The Party does not support arson of human settlements, or the indiscriminate murder or even the skinning of humans. In such cases of violent extremism, The Party puts its foot down and takes a strongly neutral stance.
  • Battle against mutant self-hate: Many overhumans are so brutally neglected by the ruling ideologies of today, that they have internalised the morphophobic attitudes of the humans around them. Instead of being proud of their heritage, they hate their uniqueness, and willingly adopt degrading human standards and ideologies. Such overhumans will forever be strangers in a world unfit for them, and they will be looked down upon and ruthlessly used by the humans around them. The Party wants to show these lost brothers and sisters that they are unique, useful and superior to humans just the way they are.
  • Human-mutant separatism: The Party believes there can be no true compromise between humans and poist-humans. Self-segregation from human affairs, human currency and human relationships is supported by The Party, but not enforced.
  • The rights of other post-humans: The Party acknowledges the rights of robots to exist in the same living-time as overhumans. However, they are entitled to their own living-space, and should not live side by side with mutants. Cyborgs are considered to be whatever kind of life-form they were before the implants. Thus, a human cyborg is a human, and an overhuman cyborg counts as an overhuman.


Morphophobia: The irrational fear of post-humans, mutations or the prejudice against post-humans.

Posthuman: The correct term for any non-human conscious entity - for example: robots, mutants, intelligent fog, artificial intelligences.

Overhuman: The correct term for "mutant", "freak", "carnival case" and other such pejoratives.

Posthuman Living time: The extension in the time dimension from 2045 onward, where post-humans are the rightful rulers of the planet.

Martyr: Any post-human killed by humans.

Standardisation: Forcing a post-human to conform to human laws and rules. Since mutants are not phenotypically standardised, a standardised set of laws will always discriminate against them.


The party programme consists of 9 points:

  • We will act to ensure the formation of a permanent space for post-human phenotypes. This safe place will be free from human influence and oppression.
  • We will act to fight the human oppression of post-human phenotypes everywhere in the world. So called "mutants" should not have to fear for their lives on human soil.
  • We will act to liberate ourselves from human currencies. Instead, we will establish our own economy and currency, free from human control and influence.
  • We will act to form a people's army, from the ranks of the non-normative population. This will ensure our future and independence.
  • We will act to replace the human forms of government with one adapted for a post-human population. Human governance builds upon the principles of likeness and interchangeability, because humans are interchangeable. Instead, we propose an organised system where the unique abilities of post-human phenotypes are used to improve society.
  • We will act to strengthen the gene pool and biodiversity of post-human people by providing food and housing for those who choose to enter into our planned procreation programme.
  • We will act to ensure the freedom and dignity of our post-human brethren who suffer and die in the mines of Nova every day.
  • We will act to ensure all humans living in post-human time and space (from 2045 and forward) will follow a set of specific human laws and pay a specific human tax.
  • All humans who migrated to post-human living time and space after the year 2138 will be forced to leave.

Official iconography for party members

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Partiet-logo-simple.png Partiet-logo.png Partiet-set-rune.png Partiet-blackhand.png

Unofficial iconography for supporters of the cause

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Partiet-magnetowasright.png Partiet-mutantandproud.png Partiet-sixfingerhand.png