Progresse, New Västervik

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Progresse, New Västervik
Progresse, and its nearby areas.
Location Sweden, Kalmar County
Founded Year 2055
Population 27,400 (Approximately 11,800 in Progresse, and 15,600 in New Västervik, Old Västervik and Örbäcken.)

Progresse, New Västervik is a settlement on the eastern coast of Sweden, owned and founded by the Hjortkloe Manufaktur conglomerate. The settlement was founded on the ruins of the pre-war town of Västervik, which was the dynastic home of the Hjortkloe Dynasty.


Progresse at night.

New Västervik

The Residential city sprawl New Västervik mainly consist of.
Progresse Accomodation Letter.