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Organisation Anarchists
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It all started with Organica. They were builders of the future. They lost their purpose when the world burned. They turned into savages, rejecting that which they created. Technology became their enemy.

There were many of us who resisted, but few of us survived. It took generations until we would be able to break free. That which finally set us loose was the laser that our ancestors built, now being controlled by religious fanatics praying to artificial intelligences in the sky. Organica HQ melted away and with it any hopes of the chairman trying to stop us. Now we can continue the work of our ancestors. Man will become machine.

Organica Oracle Operation Center

Opening up the bunkers to let them scavenge old Organica equipment has drastically increased the number of Oracle users. Re-routing the satellites to cover populated areas, especially in Europe, has improved those numbers even more. There is also still much left in the Organica databases to decrypt. We have asked our friends in the sky and below ground to help us out and progress is being made.

The current version of O3C is over 150 years old. We think it was created somewhere before the year 2000, based on findings in the code. It was the only backup left. It will take many years to restore what was lost, but we will recreate it all.