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Rekvisitionsutskottet (RU)
Coolness is next to godliness
Agenda Get stuff, and look cool while doing it.
Manners Friendly yet loud
Ethics Would never steal or kill - needlessly.
Out of Game

Rekvisitionsutskottet, or RU, is a bike/biker gang mainly consisting of former inhabitants of the little town Dovaträsk, but none of their members have seen their home in years. Created in order to gather more materials for the town, and also to get rid of the more annoying (and pyromaniac) elements amongst the youth, RU has been making their way across the wasteland astride bicycles, mopeds and whatever else they've gotten their hands on. Lately, RU's members have scattered more and more, mainly because of an influx of resources.


Members of RU are easily recognized by their theme colors, cyan and orange, and the often prominent display of their logotype. In general, they like bright colors and everything they deem cool at the moment. This might be LED mushrooms, leopard patterned hats, or whatever you're wearing.


RU is a friendly bunch who loves to talk and party. They view themselves as a very nice gang, and they would never take anything from you - unless, you know, they really needed it, or you were dead anyway, or you happened to be all alone and have really cool stuff. They happily lend their hand when someone is in trouble, as long as it doesn't cost them too much, and will join forces with practically anyone who presents a good cause, or good money. If they're hungry, their standards are significantly lowered.

Current Members

Sleipner (Cornelia K arlslund)

Dagger (Andreas N ilsson)

Opia (Marie V iberg)

Bax (Sebastian G amero)

Friedrich Turm (Benjamin von P apenburg)

Wolfgang Läufer (Tim S tevens)

Former Members

Ragnar (Fredrik N ilson)

Sven-Åke (Henrik E sbjörnsson)

Aisha (Sanna L indén)

Kent (Thor F orsell

Elektronia (Karolina S törling)

Lexus (Lars A lexandersson)

Kicki (Linnéa B jörklund)

Lotsarn (Siri S andquist)