Republik 11

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Republik 11
There ain't no rest for the wicked.
Let me tell you about us...
Members Uncertain
Occupation Mercenaries
Main income Selling alocohol & energy drinks
Secondary income Bounty hunting, escort missions
Enterprise Bryggeri 11 and Pub 11
Patron saint Cousin Bielo
Religion Fimpguden
Out of Game

- What about Republik 11?
- There's nine of them. Mother fucking mercenaries... Batshit crazy, all of them. You'll notice them miles away by their bright colours and annoyingly loud noises. They're used for that suicide style, kamikhaze shit. You heard about that settlement bar in Karlskoga, right? Well Republik 11 go rip shit riot on the whole fucking place. Seven dead, twenty-eight wounded. All to get this one fucking guy. Of course in the melee one of them gets shot in the neck and passes out, another gets blowback from a jammed piece and is temporarily blinded, one of them takes a bullet in the back, can't walk. They are constantly drunk, speed freak, rockstar assholes. They're meaner than shit, they're dumber than hell. And these motherfuckers will go megaton at the drop of a hat.
- So how do I find them?
- Don´t worry, you can´t miss them...

Republik 11's presence at the Sinterplant year 2148 (2019) is represented by:

Member Minister of Portrayed by
Mirc0 Civil contingencies Joachim Niklasson
Bruno McMolotov Alcohol & Tobacco Edvin Roslund
Luna Star Cupcakes Frida Roslund
Sasha Inferno Compulsory party Stina Almered
Scrappy Hoarding Emilia Korhonen
Joy Cargo War Lena Wendt
Grum Music & Instrument Martin Hedberg
Quake Defence & Armoury Martin Merkel
Gorgeous Randy Flamethrower Minister of strategy Stefan Lunneborg

more about Republik 11

Tuut tuut!

Joy and Grum - A Sizzling Romance
There's something about Sasha - An Important Romance
Bruno and Luna - A Tender Romance

Former members

Name Status Portrayed by
Dr Cory Blight DEAD Victor Lindeberg
Yen DEAD Yenny Marklund
Twitch DEAD Magdalena Björklund
VÄrd DEAD Björn Kron
Genghis DEAD Sina Assadi
Dram DEAD Tilda Lindqvist
Kit Crybaby DEAD Debbi Gyllenör
Red Rover DEAD Robin Berglund
The Pale Rider DEAD Frans Björkstam
Dino MIA Frans Björkstam
Murmur KIA Frans Björkstam
Vic Deeply missed, please come back Therese Börve
Viktor Schirk No one gives a fuck Anders Edgar
Vex Deactivated Ems Svensson
Tableflip Molly Severe memory loss Elvira Andemore
Happie Dissolved into goo Emilia Korhonen
Dränkt Brawl & Entertainment Daniel Pettersson