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Sappers (Sappers Pyro)
Agenda Gather scientific data about explosions and the subjects involved
Government None
Out of Game
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Sappers logo
""Are you tired of your neighbour? Are the mutants sneaking outside your container? Having issues with a panzerwolfinfestation? Are the robots having a synth-party all night so you can't sleep? Celebrating your explosive entrance to the world? Call the Sappers, we promise explosive results, whatever you wish! Rumbling good solutions and a lightening result!'"
- Sappers promotional quote

The Sappers are a group of randomly connected people/mutants/androids/things, from seemingly everywhere that strive towards a certain goal, too fire off as many explosives as possible without ending themselves. They are a happy-go-lucky party, or as someone said, "some lighter-wielding fire-cracker throwing jackers".

What are they?

Sappers BBR 2019

The Sappers are a group of very different personalities. But they all share a common trait, a will to see the world burn. Or just explode. Any kind of explosion/fire/glow/smokecloud will satisfy them, atleast for a while. They are mostly friendly, but if you act hostile towards them, you will probably get in trouble.

No one knows where they come from, no one knows where they go. Just make sure not to insult them too much. Especially their treats, the infamous "Djungelvrål".

You can find them working in the wasteland or the town on some kind of projects, from minefields to demolition. They are happy to accept a helping hand, or a foot, or the whole limb. Maybe you can even get paid in advance for them to use your body for experiments? Join them for a shootout-explosion, hire them or fire at them, get a free ride in their terrain-vehicle before you die in flames.

Turns out, as of BBR: Friendly Fire, it seems like the Sappers are all Replicants? Could that be why they are acting so random? Who are they really working for?


The story of Sappers and the Mansion (Swedish) The Sappers were last seen at BBR 2019, then during 2020 they mysteriously vanished. Their next appearance was at Valkyrie Reloaded 2021, and with a decimated force. During VR they helped some hackers blow up a laptop infested with the ransomware MALWORM, and did their usual shenanigans.



Captain Ann-Fo - Self-proclaimed leader of the group. Believes she is the wittiest one too.
Tosse - Ann-Fo's right hand, driver, merc, drunkard
Dobby - The groups slowpoke, likes Skruvsup or any kind of tasty drink or food. Kinda the bard of the party. Does (almost) everything when told to. Can write, but not read.
Du - The guy with the shiny head and motorcycle kicks. DO NOT FEED AFTER MIDNIGHT.

Out Of Character

The Sappers are originally the larps helpers in everything (well almost) pyrotechnical. This means that we are mostly busy doing work for the larp/organizers, rigging explosives for upcoming fights or preparing something special for someone. We are happy to roleplay towards you, but sometimes work and safety IRL comes first. This means we may ignore scenes, try not to take offense. We want to make sure no one gets hurt by our stuff, especially you. We might tell you OOC that it's a bad time to rob us or ask us to join your revolution. Our goal is to have atleast one of us IC outside the dangerzone so we can steer people towards someplace else.

Feel free to try to rob us, or shoot at us or just insult us tho!