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The Sewer Rats
The Ratking is dead, the ratking liveth
Agenda Find G.N.O.S.I.S and spread gnosis
Government anarchistic somewhat functioning hivemind
Techlevel sumpdriven nautical technology, dont understand computers that much..
Trade Things that float is highly valued
Out of Game
Info We speak english in the group and would love to play with you international players.


The great awakening. The morning of our species. The Ratking awoke with a roar, but the World was an evil place and it could not stand our grand singularity. The World plotted against us and sent the Kraken-crab to kill the Ratking. Wounded but not killed the Ratking managed to chase away the Kraken, but only with great cost. The paradise city was rubble and the sewers spewed us out into the world, devided. We are now exiles in the world. Longing for unity with the Ratking once again. The Ratking is dead, LONG LIVE THE RATKING!
- from the oral tradition spoken by the shaman. </blockquote>

The Ratking

The Sewer rats view them self as descending from the great Ratking, the cluster and biologically merged collective of rats that developed a joined and common consciousness. They talk about the Ratking as a single person, an IT. (remember the rats know nothing about gender) but the Shamans and philosophers know that’s a lingual compromise to explain to the simpleminded humans who/what they descend from.

How the Ratking came to be there’s different stories about, filled with paradoxes and contradictions.

The Rats love paradoxes and have five of them as a kind of common creed or rule.

“The Ratking is many, long live the One”
“I’m not the Ratking, but the Ratking is me”
“Every place is a home, every home is foreign”
“To harm a fellow rat is to kill oneself”
The Ratking is sleeping, Ratking is awoken”
- oral tradition spoken at group seance


Background Information
Player Johan S Rosèn
contact facebook
Character Information
Occupation Bouncer and Translator
Pronoun it (all rats are "it")
Known for whining and grumpy behaviour
Dislikes jolly humans
Trivia gets horny by body odors and hates drugs
Favorite food Leef jerky
Favorite seep Seep
Quote Get in, dont get out, drink up, or down..

Background Information
Player Jeanette Pettersson
contact facebook
Character Information
Occupation Fisher and baker
Pronoun it (all rats are "it")
Known for boatbuilding, mischiefsr
Dislikes doctors
Quote The oven is ready for bread or human babies

Background Information
Player Robin Landal
contact facebook
Character Information
Occupation unclear
Pronoun it (all rats are "it")
Known for Offspring of Grower the grower. Unhappy of taking over growing things, instead he want to be an actor, having found an old book on acting in the sewers.
Dislikes walking in parents pawsteps
Quote I have a dream of opening a drive in cinema out in the wasteland, where people, mutants and enemies can come togheter and feel the power of the theatre!
Background Information
Player Tobias Elof Hadin
contact facebook / tobias.hadin@g m
Character Information
Occupation Bartender and janitor
Pronoun it (all rats are "it")
Known for petty crimes, fixing stuff and serving sump beer
Dislikes scientists and needles
Trivia have two tails, so that should mean he have two lives?
Name of weapon Stick-in-human
Favorite drink Toxic Avenger
Quote The ratking is all!

Union of the bodies and minds The meditations taught by the Shamans is a way to let the awakening take place inside each rat and in that way work towards full union of consciousness. Every rat sees to it to visit and respect the Shamans to get guidance and meditation towards gnosis. In meditation and thru the deeds of the Ratking the individual rat can have an experience of total union with other rats and the original Ratking. But all these experiences are passing. This experience is called gnosis. However, there is tales of the G.N.O.S.I.S of being a place or a relic that needs to be found. The hunt for this place/thing is called “The great pilgrimage”. When talking about gnosis (without THE) we denote the experience of spiritual unity and when talking about THE G.N.O.S.I.S/GNOSIS we talk about the place or the relic we are on a hunt for. Talk about the great pilgrimage often with outsiders and when answering questions about how the Gnosis look or what it is, feel free to tell different stories every time, since the rats simply have no single understanding of what they are looking for. Only that they will know it when they see it because it will awaken the Ratking among and thru them.

The rats know nothing about gender, and every rat is an IT not a she/he/etc

Camp & playstyle

The sewer rats live in the swamp just next to the road out in the wasteland (see map soon), and sometimes in the sinterpool. The camps are called "The floating ambassy" and the sump camp also have a bar called "The Sump". In the bar we serve Sumpbeer (beer), Toxic avenger (Gin and Tonic) and Brownwater (whiskey). The Sump is known as a place for diplomatic discussions and even panzerwolfs are welcome as guests here. Its a neutral zone for hostile parts to meet. If someone (thats not an rat) starts a fight inside the bar, the persons involved is escorted out or shot on sight by Admiral Keel. The bar is a laidback hangout and have a nice time sort of place, not a raving party.

The camp also serves cake from time to time.

OFF As a player you are always welcome to hang out in our camp and have a good time, if we play hostile or mean towards your character and you want some other kind of play just tell us. We are a group more invested in social relationships, intrigue, spying, slow cooking tentions that builds up slowly torwards action. So we're not the camp to come to and have a big shootout if your looking for that kind of play.
please behave calm and with solidarity on our rafts so no accidents happen