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Skruvsup, or Screwbrew is an alcoholic drink brewed by Sobel in a secret location out in the wasteland. It is marketed as "The goodest drink in the wasteland". The name comes from the bottle's signature screw-off cap.


Sobel started brewing Skruvsup in TASS container back in 2147 and tried selling it around the settlement. The first to try it were the frenchmen, who were so impressed that they allowed Sobel to advertise the drink and his radio business outside the french container.

But business was slow and Sobel started thinking about ways to expand the business. He contacted Rökoteket/Smokehouse who agreed to try selling it to their customers. The success was instant. In just a few hours, Charli had to chase Sobel down to buy A LOT more because the first cases were already sold out.

The rumor spread around the settlement and by the summer of 2148, almost every bar and foodplace in and around Outpost Valkyria were selling the delicious drink.

Where to get it

Almost any bar in or around the settlement of Outpost Valkyria.
By 2148 you could find it in the following places

Off game

Skruvsup is a 25cl de-labeled bottle of Panaché from Lidl, a mixture of beer and lemonade soda with less than 1% alcohol by volume.