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Quick recap

After TASS left town, Sobel was left behind, trying to get by selling radio equipment and the information he gets from listening to as many frequencies he can under his business name Sobels Radiotjänst or Sobel's Radio Service. In 2148, he kind of teamed up with Konrad Degelspad who sells all kinds of miracle cures that might or might not help you.


Sobel takes in Zonfararna as tenants, only to get his entire stock of Skruvsup stolen by them and sold off. After purchasing a shotgun and recruiting the helping hand of a few Kumla thugs, he holds an 'intervention' and (what's left of) the Skruvsup is returned. A deal between Sobel and Zonfararna is made that Sobel keeps brewing, Zonfararna is in charge of logistics and sales and profits are split between them.

Sobel and Konrad are collecting and investigating mysterious vials with blood samples that are popping up in the area. They recruit the help of Dr. Boris and the hacker T.P. from Pang i Bygget to analyse the contents.


Dr. Sobel Martens 2148


Dr. Sobel Martens - (Previously?) a member of TASS, but was left behind when TASS left town. He's more paranoid than ever. A slightly confused tinkerer and self-proclaimed scientist. Learning by doing has led to a lot of electric shocks and selective problems with his memory. Tries to make a living from selling communication devices and information


Konrad Degelspad - A Con man if there ever was one. Specializing in selling miracle cures such as syringes he claims can heal broken legs, magical monkey hands that gives you wishes, etc.


TASS: Affiliated. The TASS relations also apply to Radiotjänst.

Zonfararna: Tenants of Sobel in his container, who stole his Skruvsup. Somehow it all worked out in the end.

Kumla: On very good terms because of Konrad's hacking skills and Sobel's loyalty

Renovo: Good terms because of mutual research interests

Maskinhundarna: On bad terms with Sobel since his time with TASS and somehow unrelated to this fact, Konrad managed to get chased through the entire village by a knife-wielding machine dog

Any bar or place that sells beer: Good terms as long as the delicious Skruvsup are delivered on time.


Sobel is very interested in mutants. He's also been seen buying and collecting vials with blood.

Did Sobel refuse to go when TASS left or did they leave him behind? Nobody's too sure.