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Megalomaniac Railway Cult
Type Oligarchic Triple-Tribal Union
Tribes Locomotive Engineer Tribe (leadership), Navvy Tribe (free workforce), Conductor Tribe (martial)
Industry Railroad and Train Reclamation; Weapons Manufacture; Mass Scavenging; Slavehunting
Founded 2078, Rälsa-Krylbo (former Dalarna Metrohalls)
Founder The Great Engine Driver
Religion The Locomotive Force
Leadership Locomotive Engineer Tribe
Headquarters Rälsa-Krylbo
Tribesfolk 3,900
Slaves 2,700
Wonder Projects The Artery (finished), the Thundering Grand Train (work in progress)
Out of Game
IRL Counterpart Krylbo, Avesta municipality, southern Dalarna, Bergslagen, middle Sweden
Contact ofancienttimes@gmail.com

Tåget (English: The Train) is a union of three tribes from Rälsa-Krylbo, a great, unfinished subterranean monorail complex in the former province of southern Dalarna. This triple-tribal union is dominated by the small priestly oligarchy of the Locomotive Engineer Tribe; supported by the modest scavenging and ramshackle industrial capabilities of the Navvy Tribe; and empowered for defence, outward expansion and slavehunting by the military force, surveillance and harsh policing provided by the Conductor Tribe. The three tribes are bound together by a common interest to exploit local surface barbarians, and by their fanatical adherence to the Cult of The Locomotive Force. Tåget has recently turned into a ravenously slavehunting faction, with a rapidly growing population of captive labour.

While Tåget is a respectable local power in the region of Bergslagen (with both some preserved and reclaimed technological knowhow and machinery), it is still but a minor force in the grand scheme of things. A minor power, with utterly insane ambitions of monstrous proportions, following the unlikely completion of the Artery. These religiously motivated engineering ambitions of Tåget would baffle not only major powerhouses of the present post-apocalyptic wasteworld, but would even be complete lunacy to the mighty superpowers of glorious yore, with all their legendary wealth of technology, science and resources.

In order to turn their megalomaniac vision of the Thundering Grand Train into a monumental reality, Tåget has recently embarked on a spree of slavehunting and conquest of surrounding surface barbarians in order to acquire the necessary labour force. Tåget is also undertaking a massive and arduously slow reclamation-by-hand of the produce and industrial installations of Avesta steelworks. And so a maverick landscape of scaffolding rise over the southern bend of Dalälven, at the cost of unspeakable human suffering and loss of life...

Background of Tåget

Underground Horrors (2019-2078)

In the decades prior to the apocalypse, the nationstate of Sweden invested heavily in creating a pioneering region-wide metro network for the industrial province of Dalarna, with plans to extend it to all centres of population, mining, industry and export harbours. This initiative was propelled both by the competitive edge to be afforded by such a modern upgrading of infrastructure, and by a push to move industry and infrastructure underground for a better environment. However, political turbulence in anticipation of Kali halted these ambitions, and so the expensive public works were only partially completed in the southern section around Avesta and Hedemora. The railway town of Krylbo, which had long been a hub in the traditional Swedish railroad system, saw massive underground halls and tunnels constructed before work stalled.

With Kali incoming and global panic rising, authorities overseeing the construction of Dalarna Metrohalls invested what little funds they had left in reinforcing the existing facilities to act as a vast bombshelter for civilians. As the nuclear apocalypse hit in 2044, large parts of the local populace sought refuge in the Metrohalls. The population thus saved consisted of a disproportionately large number of railway employees, metro engineers, tunnel constructors and other railway-affiliated personnel with families. However, conditions in the sealed train bunkers rapidly deteriorated over the years as stores and equipment for sustaining life proved inadequate for the mass of humanity dwelling in these installations. Tensions and ciminality escalated, until the old order was swept away in an orgy of subterranean bloodshed, which saw a great loss of human life and the coalescing of people into small tribes for mutual protection.

The remaining population of Dalarna Metrohalls was fractured and living in constant terror of their close neighbours, and a chaotic state of tribal warfare with raiding and atrocities reigned until three tribes of railway-descended families were united by the prophetic figure known only as The Great Engine Driver. He united those kin of the train and railway, and fought a campaign of subjugation against the other gangs and tribes, until finally only the unity of Tåget remained as the sole power within the unfinished Metrohalls (henceforth christened Rälsa-Krylbo). The Great Engine Driver also left behind him sacred teachings and a grand vision to unite and drive the tribesmen of Tåget in decades and centuries to come.

This uniting legacy and vision proved crucial.

Members of the Conductor tribe harvesting slaves during the early building phase of the Artery. Artwork by Milek Jakubiec (EthicallyChallenged).
Section of the Artery, the fortified drain pump system between subterranean Rälsa-Krylbo and the ruins of Avesta, which turned the latter into a hallucinogenic swamp. Pride of Tåget.

Consolidation of Power (2079-2138)

And so a lenghty period of rebuilding and population growth ensued as Tåget built, repaired, planted and harvested, and created a home for themselves in the underground fortress of Rälsa-Krylbo. Yet a growing problem for these fanatical denizens was the large water leakage experienced by many sections of the Metrohalls, which threatened to drown their home. The arduous work with pumping and damming seemed a hopeless struggle. As time went by, the leaders of Tåget decided to open the shelter gates and venture outside. There they found a devastated landscape in what had once been the municipality of Avesta, inhabited by often mutated wildlife and likewise twisted barbarians dwelling in small settlements on easily defended locations. Over this primitive scene of the mutilated age, rose the rusting ruins of ancient times, with vast amounts of machine equipment and materials lying scattered about, ready for the taking.

The three tribes of Rälsa-Krylbo soon learnt to fear the bushwacking nomads on the surface world, yet necessity pressured them to perform a bold undertaking, involving a stunning degree of mastery over engineering in this rotten age. For amidst raids and ambushes, Tåget managed to construct a pump system, with fortified pipes leading out into the ruins of Avesta township (sporting raised catwalks between defensive towers overlooking the armoured pipes which were covered in protecting earth on the ground). Slave labour captured from wasteland barbarians was crucial to accomplish this great work. The Artery, as this engineering feat became known, would prove the salvation of Rälsa-Krylbo and the utter disaster of the raider clans of ruined Avesta. For Tåget activated the pumps, and have since managed to keep them churning enough to dry out the beleaguered underground halls of Rälsa-Krylbo, all the while emptying their waters into the ruins of Avesta. As such this drenched wasteland turned into not only a swamp, but a hallucinogenic swamp at that.

All the issues encountered in constructing and defending this marvel of engineering and fortification (and keeping the Navvies fed and supplied, and salvaging the materials, and scavenging the tools, and deceiving the Gävlejävlarna, and fighting off the Kartongkannibaler of Fors, and beating the Jernverkskanonjärerna and double-crossing the Roadburner Hornedalingar...) would in themselves detail a saga of struggles and travails, against grim odds. Yet the fanatical Cult of The Locomotive Force kept the tribesfolk of Tåget motivated and cohesive at all times, and the small steps of success emboldened them to press further on, in spite of the daunting labours and dangers ahead. It was a great labour, and it became the stuff of legends.

Konduktör Én, of the Conductor Tribe: Photo by Cajsa Lithell

And so Tåget was forged in the fires of hardship, and emerged as a force with iron will and boundless confidence in its abilities.

And this confidence would propel the union of three tribes into their unfolding madness of the present day...

Blueprint of the Thundering Grand Train.

Expansion and Thundering Ambitions (2139-)

In 2139, the entire Locomotive Engineer Tribe emerged from a lengthy meeting, and called all of Tåget to heed their word. When the Navvy and Conductor Tribes had gathered in their entirety, Högste Tunnelbanemästrinna Arikea Bergdrägg spoke with a booming voice, to a spellbound audience. The sermon was long and detailed, and the presented blueprints were convoluted and absurd, yet the disciplined tribesfolk lapped it all up like thirsting souls in the desert. The sacred priestly Tribe of Tåget had analysed the Great Engine Driver's writings with exactitude, and had at last assembled a working plan to turn the mythical ambitions into reality. The Grand Train would come to roll at last, and Tåget would make it happen, yet it would require labours and sacrifices the like of which had never been seen since the end of the ancient world.

In extatic furor, the entire freeborn population of Tåget swore to create this marvel of the world, no matter the price to be paid. Echoing inside the halls of Rälsa-Krylbo, they swore vigorously to balk at nothing in order to attain worldly power and resources for the great undertaking. And so the grand plan was set in motion: The Thundering Grand Train would be built.

Tåget's first steps were to arm and drill their Conductor Tribe into a lethal offensive force, while the Navvies set about dismantling the ruins of Avesta Steelworks for material, a great labour that would take many years to complete. In 2144, shortly after the lowly barbarian Erik Asbester had left his small pontoon fishing village in Dalälven for Stråssa, his entire village and seven others like it were attacked and conquered by the forces of Tåget. The Conductors entered the shantyvilles with shackles and whips, and they enslaved all who could not escape or end their own lives. This shocking spree of conquest purely for the sake of enslavement is still ongoing. It fills the ranks of Tåget's swelling slave labour force, yet the aggressive slavehunting and subjugation has lately resulted in a nomadic coalition forming in Bergslagen. This alliance is still too feeble to challenge Tåget, yet the relentless warfare of this triple-tribal union is slowly feeding the coalition new members of desperate wastelanders. No matter; Tåget will simply have to outwit and outfight them all, and crush all before it. It is do or die, and the fanatics of Rälsa-Krylbo will let nothing stand in their way.

And so a maverick landscape of scaffolding rise over the southern bend of Dalälven, at the cost of unspeakable human suffering and loss of life...

Activity of Tåget in Stråssa

Scouting of 2144

The adopted Conductor tribesman Konduktör Én left Rälsa-Krylbo on an unknown mission, and worked together with Erik Asbester and Attall as a courier for Direktör Morten von Müller of Info Direkt. Konduktör'n worked diligently, but with extreme treachery, and he ultimately betrayed his employer, disappearing for a while to live the thug life of a highwayman and robber until his mercenary employment by Hjortkloe Manufaktur in 2145 (which turned into permanent employment and settlement in Progresse, New Västervik).

Sales Campaign of 2148

Förste Ballastöversittare, a high-ranking member of the Locomotive Engineer Tribe, will travel to the trade emporium of Stråssa during summer 2148 in order to secure allies, trade partners, slave chattel and funding for the ongoing, enormous construction project of Tåget. There, he will be joined by Konduktör Én of the Conductor Tribe (who will combine the carrying out of his duties to both his tribe and employer Hjortkloe Manufaktur), and they will attempt to sell shares of their product to the factions of the Wasteland.

A dream is about to come true. Will you buy into it?