Techno-Korps Lindemann

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Techno-Korps Lindemann
Panzermann redigeret.jpg
"Panzer-Mann" of Techno-Korps Lindemann
Vorsprung durch Techno
Agenda Restoring the unified Techno-Lands, collecting tech and intelligence, trade
Manners Civilized but warlike
Motto Vorsprung durch Techno
Battle yell

Ja! Ja! Ja! Was ist los, was ist das!

Ja! Ja! Ja! Techno-Kaiser! Techno-Bass!
Ethics Reactionary and imperialist
Inspired by World War I shock troops, German EBM and Techno music and Caesars Legion.

Techno-Korps Lindemann, or TKL as it is referred to on a daily basis, is a free corps unit of brigands and mercenaries belonging to the Techno-culture based around the post apocalyptic Ruhr Techno-Lands and named in honour of the great Techno-General Till Lindemann from The Great Techno-War.

Techno-Korps Lindemann and the Techno-Mission to Outpost Valkyrie

During a tech gathering mission up in the northern provinces one of Techno-Korps Lindemann's minor Technoclass III Zeppeliner Luftschlange airships was forced to crash land due to a malfunction in the steuerbord motor. The Techno-Mannschaft survived without any grave injuries and could salvage most of the cargo and weaponry. During the emergency landing a settlement had been sighted in the distance and the soldiers of the Techno-Korps started the journey towards it, hoping that they would be able to find the necessary means to repair their vessel in the nearby settlement. In a matter of hours TKL found and entered the wasteland settlement Outpost Valkyrie, carrying with them battle gear, provisions and ambitions of acquiring both spare parts, loot and knowledge of these parts of the Wasteland.


Main article: The Ruhr Techno-Lands

The Ruhr Techno-Lands were once united under someone called Der Techno-Kaiser but this loose federation of tribes known as The Techno-Staat united under one leader was to be ravaged by a disastrous and bitter conflict which has since been named The Great Techno-War or "Der grosse Techno-Krieg". General Lindemann fought valiantly in the Great Techno-War and utterly refused to surrender to the combined forces of the traitor Fürst Scooter and the enemy forces after the degrading armistice that ended the War, the so-called Techno-Stoss-Legende.

Techno-Korps Lindemann was founded by General MIDI Oberheim in the turmoil during the years after the Great Techno-War, and is for the time being under the leadership of die Techno-Kanslerin, the de facto Techno-lord of a small Techno-Land north of the Ruhr area known as Techno-Fürstentum der Absolutten Körperkontrolle or T-FAK. The Techno-Kanslerin seeks to restore the unified Techno-Lands and this vision is (mostly) being shared by the soldiers of Techno-Korps Lindemann.

Organisation of a Techno-Korps

Kalfaktor-Mann of a Techno-Korps
"Kampfstoff-Mann" of Techno-Korps Lindemann

The organisation of the Techno-units vary greatly and are of course affected by such factors as availability of weaponry and gear, regional or cultural differences or personal taste. The inhabitants of the Techno-Domains focus greatly on organisation, order, paperwork, correctness and titles for absolutely everything. Usually this means that an average Techno-Korps is organised with a plethora of ranks or specialist functions, creating a rather chaotic-looking structure but of course no one in their wildest dreams would consider doing things differently. Techno-Korps Lindemann is no exception from this and includes some of the following ranks of which several can actually be held by a single Stoss-Mann at a time, further adding to the confusion (not for the members of the unit though).

Heavy troops/heavy specialists

  • Schwerer Techno-Stoß-Mann: Light-armoured trooper equipped with SMG or heavier weapon and close quarter weapons.
  • Panzer-Mann: Heavy armoured trooper equipped with ranged weapons.
  • Zerstörer-Mann: Heavy armoured trooper using melee weapons and perhaps even a shield
  • Stereo-Trommelfeuer-Mann: Dual machinegun wielding medium armoured trooper
  • Ober-Bassmann mit Hertz und Ohm: Heavy weapons trooper. Sometimes carries the Bass-Werfer weapon into battle.
  • EBM-Mann/Techno-Funker-Mann: Carries a Techno-Gepäck into battle armed with large loudspeakers and loud Techno for morale boosting purposes.

Light troops/specialists

  • Stoß-Mann: Non-armoured trooper armed with shield, handgun and Techno-Schläger, a trench club.
  • Kampfstoff-Mann: Chemical warfare trooper armed with gas mask, poison gas grenades and a poison gas cannister. Also administers combat drugs to the troopers.
  • Spreng-Mann: Grenadier, carries hand grenades and bombs into battle.
  • Kranken-Mann: Responsible for medical needs of the unit.
  • Haupt-Ohm-Meister(often jokingly referred to as “Besserwisser- Mann” - a ‘know it all’): Mechanic and weapon specialist.
  • Himmel-Mann: Pilot of a Zeppeliner III Luftschlange warship. Usually equipped as Stoss-Mann when on the ground fighting as infantry.
  • Kalfaktor-Mann: Meticulously keeps books on how everything is running in the unit. Also responsible for signing of forms and the other vast amounts of paperwork needed to run a unit of 12. Usually equipped as Stoss-Mann sans shield when deployed as infantry and often tries to keep up with doing statistics in battle. Also responsible for the Techno-Artifakten. These include the sacred, perfect work of the Technokaiser’s closest generals, muses and advisers; Feldbrüder DAF, General Kraft Werk, Techno-Schwester NeNa, Muse Blühm-Chen, the engineers of WELLE-ERDBALL and many others.
  • Techno-Kommandeur: Usually commands a Techno-unit or Techno-warship in battle.

The Techno-Auxilia

Being on the low end of the scale, the Techno-Auxillia consists of auxiliary troops mustered from the neighbouring factions in the territories adjacent to the various Techno-Lands. Not being of proper birth and from the real Techno-Lands, the Techno-Auxilia are usually considered barbarians and serve in their own units but are de facto allies of whatever Techno-Korps that has gained their so-called loyalty. Among the soldiers of Techno-Korps Lindemann it is also a common insult to mock someone for having once belonged to the Techno-Auxilia.

Culture of the Techno-Korps

A Stoß-Mann of Techno-Korps Lindemann
Haupt-Ohm-Meister or "Besserwisser-Mann" of Techno-Korps Lindemann

The cultural and ethical traits of Techno-Korps Lindemann rely heavily on three pillars: Einigkeit, Ordnung and Techno.

  • Einigkeit covers the combined struggles by die Techno-Kanslerin and Techno-Korps Lindemann to try to restore the unified Ruhr Techno-Lands. The civil strife that followed the Great Techno-War, the so-called era of Alle gegen alle, left the region a divided and fragmented remnant of its former glory under the Techno-Kaiser which has left it and its inhabitants vulnerable.
  • Ordnung represents the belief that chaos and anarchy is to be avoided (at least in the Techno-Lands), that trade agreements should be honoured and, most importantly, that all required paperwork should be in order at all times. Everything TKL does requires rigorous amounts of paperwork.
  • Techno represents the cultural and ethical background for the Techno-civilisation. Everything considered beneficial or good is Techno. The rate of fire of weapons is being counted in beats per minute (BPM), the workers of the primitive Ruhr factories work to the beat of a Techno-Metronome and the various Techno-Korps go to battle to the glorious sounds of das Techno-Beat. Techno also covers anything technological left over from the Old World, especially car manufacturers or Autos as they are simply referred to. The troops of Techno-Korps Lindemann specificially are centered around a cult of machine-worship and usually wear old car logos as insignia or medals. The members of TKL also have a tendency towards adopting names ending with -Mann to honour the great General Till Lindemann from the Great Techno-War.


Techno-Korps Lindemann seeks to restore the unified Techno-Staat under the auspices of a new Techno-Kaiser and thus end the in-fighting between the varioius Techno-lords and their city-states. Until this can be accomplished, the Korps performs various duties for the Techno-Kanslerin and acts as her private army.

In the Valkyrie Outpost, the focus of TKL is on acquiring technology, money and spare parts for the derelict airship by doing mercenary work, bounty hunting and scavenging the Wastes. The attitude of TKL is that anything goes as long as the paperwork is in order!