The Infinity Ark

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Meanwhile, somewhere in Low Earth Orbit
The Infinity Ark is thought to be one of many arks built by the pre-apocalypse population on the planet. These arks, also known as skyvaults or -cradles, are massive chermoplex barges filled with untold treasures, orbiting the earth and waiting for the day they are called home.


In the year 2040 humanity looked up towards the stars and saw their doom, but also their salvation. While IODS built their satellite mounted superlaser, other organisations looked towards preservation instead of evasion. Directly inspired by the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, they built an ark. They filled it with seed samples and genomes, machines and computers containing all of humanity’s history and knowledge, and they sent it into space.


The Infinity Ark is still up there, waiting for the right people to call it to shore.