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Located at what was once Istanbul, also known as "New Constantinople", capital of the Czarist "Empire" of Miklagrad, the site of the rebuilt Hagia Sofia, the headquarters of the New Varangian Guard, and far enough away from the North so as to be considered almost a myth.

Ruled by the self-anointed Czar Kabylov I, it is a dusty and ruined city filled brutality and coloured with the odd splash of surprising splendor. Along its streets, a traveler will encounter the Dieselcossacks of the Ukrainian plains, scheming Water Federation traders, Panzerwolf renegades who've run away from the pack, hulking robot behemoths sporting almost-new autocannons, northern mercenaries brawling away at the bars between gunfights, and mad scientists bringing strange cybernetics built at the the Damascus factories from blueprints as flawed as they are ancient. It is the center of the Empire's clergy, and the hub of what goes for administration in the large but sparsely populated realm.