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Flynn FSU.jpg
Hacking away on his PEWIT.
Agenda making the wasteland a better place
Likes Caps, shooting guns and gathering intel.
Dislikes Heights, low quality alcohol and WPA2 secured networks.
Hobby Hacking, drinking and earning caps.
Out of Game
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Played by Rasmus Pettersson

Flynn Hayden

FSUs most esteemed hacker, black ops operative and spy. Known all over as the wastelands greatest secret agent. When he's not on mission or involved in something he spends his time prodding all corners of the network for intel and resources that could be useful for him in any way. He strongly believes that knowing is half the battle and does thorough recon prior to missions to avoid accidents, ambushes or tactical disadvantages.


He is the sole designer, engineer and constructor of his one-of-a-kind PEWIT device. Which is a wrist mounted computer terminal that is jam-packed with features, some of which, he keeps to himself. Amongst the more known features, there is a geiger counter, a timer, a mission log and a GPS-uplink.


  • He slept with all female Malone family members at Homebase. Both daughters, mother and even grandmother.
  • He can and also are tracking radio-communication all across the wasteland.


Photo cred goes to me :D