Vault Outokumpu

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Possible entrance to Vault Outokumpu? Who knows? Those who have tried to find Vault OK, have never returned. Photo by Malak Shaloon

A large vault complex in former Finland (the Land of A Thousand Acid Lakes). Generation Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Kappa clones were developed by Outokumpu (OK) in order to produce tougher and more fertile humans to survive the horribly irradiated wastes and silent forests of former Finland. Yet an idealist saboteur wrecked the entire project.

In 2143, Malak Shaloon of ARS&e Mechanics mistakenly identified Charlie's Clone Crew as the escaped superhuman clones from Vault Outokumpu let loose by the traitor Preston, when said escapee Finnish clones were in fact Svarta Svärden. Malak had for years received brain chip transmissions ordering her to hunt down the escapee clones and kill Preston.

Outokumpu is not a merciful place. Maybe it is still run by an elder council, or maybe there are only old computers transmitting old commands, and all the inhabitants of OK are already dust and bones. Some transmissions from the north are still in the air.

Project Generation Alpha Outokumpu Transmissions