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Raiders rolling around.

Background of the Vibe-Raiders

In the wasted remains of what once were Skövde a small group of survivors battled the harsh climate and aggressive wildlife to hang on to dear life. It was clear that alone they would perish and the only way forward were to cooperate with the other rag tag groups in the area. Many generations later the group has bred, adapted and grown into what loosely could be described as a society. The name VIBE-RAIDERS has been with the group since age immemorial and no-one in the group can anymore tell you about the origins, apart from the oft heard battle cry “BUZZ BUZZ”. Or at least it might be a battle cry as much as a callsign, greeting or general noise these raiders do.

The tribe now consists of scumbags, raiders, druggos and lowlifes that more or less agrees not to (excessively) steal or rob from their fellow tribemates. They survive by working in nomadic groups that hunts, acts as mercenaries, carry out odd jobs, raids, trades and every now and then devour a lone traveler. Due to the dog eat dog (or person eat person) attitude the group has had a hard time carrying long time relationships with other groups that don’t share their worldview. When given a choice the raiders will drink, gamble and drug away what little means they might have produced over the last day, just to restart from scratch. Wealth seems to be seen as a fleeting thing, you don’t know about tomorrow so waste it all today.

The raiders carry a deep fascination for gold, especially for gold bars, to the extent that they even seem to hold a so called “Gold Bar” event from time to time.

The Vibe-raiders are characterized by being screaming crazies that hit fast and loud, during the night they party around the bonfires with whatever drugs and moonshine they can make with the boombox blasting. The group should not be mistaken for some barbaric violence-mongers like the panzerwolves, they will not attack on sight - instead they will act as the civilized raiders they are and possibly rob you if you are alone. No hard feelings! It is the wasteland after all.


The tribe seems to have a fluidly evolving religion as that a bunch of a drugged up bodies might produce or pick up over the years. Both group and individual views exist within the group but you can hear them talk about Old GrimJaw, the Pantsless God, the Cocainosaurus rex and Babrah among other. In the center of their camp you can find a small photo with a golden frame. Only steal it if you want the entire tribe to hunt you.

If you ever hold a conversation with the raiders you might find out that Old Grimjaw is the first known Vibe-Raider according to myth and many stories can be told about him.

Leader of the Vibe raiders - aka HAIL THE STICK

So, I know that you have seen the Vibe-Raiders running around, never seemingly having a leader. Well, I'd tell you this much and first, they follow the person with the leader-stick. Secondly, whatever you do. Don't pick up that stick. I mean it. Don't. Pick. It. Up.

You might see it thrown on the ground, and it seems so tempting. Who doesn't want a good big group of crazy ass raiders following you around, doing your constant bidding? Shooting the enemy and keeping you flush with caps? No, I tell you - if you pick it up it will be all fun and games, but they will be watching you like wild dogs following a wounded deer. You're going to be alive as long as they will find you amusing, and then they will eat you alive.

Just leave the raiders to do their own thing.

If you ever try to talk to the Vibe-Raiders, look for the stick. The person holding the stick is the leader.