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Formerly known as S:t Petersburg, Leningrad and Petrograd, Vladimirograd was recently the capital of Red Peoples Front before its cataclysmic destruction. Ten thousand comrades died in the obliteration of Vladimirograd, and no ruins to speak of where left. Only a glass crater remained.

In 2148, a heinous defilement of the dead comrades of Vladimirograd was discovered by the Red People's Front. The White Guards known as Svarta Svärden (the bane of Russians in Karelia) had planted a Finnish flag in the former capital's glass crater. Cherepovets dispatched Folkkommissarie Igor Levchenko with all haste to Sestra-Strana, from which he reached comrade Captain Vadim's fort in Stråssa. Honours were distributed to Vadim's soldiers for their many noteworthy achievements, and Captain Vadim then led the revenge hunt on the Finns with lightning speed, mowing them down on Dukhi Avenue and placing their bleeding bodies in the forest.