ARS&e Mechanics

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ARS&e Mechanics
The Coffin Motif is Incidental
Business Business Business!
Members Between 10 and 20 at any given moment
Motto There's no business like ARS&e business!
Business Problem solvers for hire
Ethics Mercenary to a fault
Out of Game

ARS&e Mechanics is a business organisation interested in doing business. What kind of business? The kind that generates kaps for the Boss, Tony. They can usually be found in their offices at the top of the Sinterplant.


Tony founded the business years ago (how long ago? no one will say) and although his schemes don't always work out as intended, he's managed to keep it going. The group travels around looking for people with problems, and offers to solve those for money. They specialize in cyborg- and technology-related problems.

A Sales Pitch

In need of cybernetics, mechanics or explosives? All three? If you are in any kind of trouble, ARS&e is there for you. Tell your troubles and we name the price. We do not judge, nor decide what’s best for you - unless you pay us to. Let's make your wellbeing and security our business! Why not start now, before it’s too late.

Chief Source of Income

Mercenary work, cybernetics, robotics, tech-work. "If it has circuit-ree, you should come to ARS&e!"

Group Members

Tony Maroni

Signore Tony Moroni: Gentleman and Capitalist
All maintenance is last minute maintenance
"Cara mia, itsa all about da caps. Cosi tutti voi stronzi, getta to work. No work, no bonus!"

Founder of the group, once and future boss. Claims to be "Italian" though no one has ever really bothered to check what that means or if it's true. Tony deals in making deals. Making kaps is close to his capitalist heart. He specializes in business and programming. Recently was targeted for assassination by clandestine group Catching Sun. Needless to say, the attempt failed.

F3RG13 2.0 aka "Fergie"

"Status report: Fuel level significantly decreased, you may find this unit from nearest bar in fifteen minutes."

Moody and observing gynoid from the past. The fewer parts she has, the crankier she gets. She may appear to be very human or very, let's say, metallic, depending on her current fuel levels. Mimics and learns her surroundings as she goes. May or may not have seen a flesh-related upgrade recently. Frankly we are scared to ask.



Independed AI unit who takes care of ARS&es paperwork. Cookies code is a design of Tony’s and seem to be growing all the time. Cookies specialities are locks, hacking and cracking as she is a master of coding and decoding.


"I've seen the glorious past and frankly, honey, the people were just the same."

Service unit from history, looks (and feels) mostly human. Selahs experience about pre-war world has taken her far. She has very polished social manners on what it comes to humans or robots.


Depressed wannabe drunk with a shotgun. Rednecks reckless behaviour has made him what he is, a hooligan. Yet he is a hand in need when the shit hits the fan.

Malak Shaloon

"You tinfoilheads. You gonna need me when you brake down."

Talented, somewhat famous mechanic. Something needs fixing, this is your gal. Sharp tongue and twisted humour act as her weapons.

Victor Pascal

"Bon.. Mais.. N'obliez pas; tojours être cool, eh?"

Frenchie/Le Janiteur/Städarn. Ex-hitman/welder from down south (Former France and North Africa) who has spent 10 years in Kiruna. A hired bodyguard of Tony's in the group, who takes his job very seriously.


"Sure thing... but thats gonna cost you extra, you know?"

Zone-tripper hangaround. No talk is needed when Jaeger gets to work. His silent but efficient work methods are not the usual ARS&e signature, but there’s no need to say that he thinks he knows what he’s doing.


"A man who finds pleasure in the result of cutting is the most hateful, crawling creature there is. A man who finds pleasure in the act of cutting is an artisan."

Sword fighting android from Asia with sophisticated sense of ethics and manners. One of the latest fastenings to the team.


Mechanic unit used to fix machines, explosives and vehicles at war.


""I got a shot for everyone; either nanites or lead."

Leif Eirikur Jökullsson, Biomechanical interface specialist and wetworker. Agnostic Philosopher.