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Academics of Aros – knowledge seekers in the shadow of the new world Not much is known about the closed group of scientists who live amongst the ruins of the old academia in Uppsala Some seem to be obsessed by the preservation of books and scriptures, which are stored in their great library. Most of the academics found outside their home are dressed for expedition, although usually the clothes are clumsy and unpractical. It is almost as if they do not know how to handle the dangers that lie beyond the safety of their home. Those who actually met one of these expeditions, find that the participants are extremely curious and ask questions about everything. Most of what they know seems to be taken form the old world, and thus they seem lost in the new world. Many expeditions have been sent out in the world from the Academy and they seem to study any and anything. This have led some to stay in villages and act as teachers, doctors or mechanics. The goal of all this collecting knowledge seem strange and no one knows what the purpose of it all is. The academics keep away from the other factions and have passed unnoticed to this day. However one thing is sure, the academics guard their secrets with extreme caution. It is notoriously difficult to get a straight answer from any of them, except perhaps their motto: Et ipsa scientia potestas est (knowledge is power).